The Neighbor Boy And The Widow

Part 1 - The First Meeting

I had watched the young man down the street for quit a few years. Seeing him grow from a skinny pre-teen to where he was now, at eighteen, on the brink of manhood. His semi long, reddish blonde hair and now muscular torso along with his handsome facial features, made me wonder just what he was like, and what his interests were. Each weekday he walked to and from the high school bus and on weekends he would often jog by on his weekend run. On the weekends, I would find a reason to make myself seen by him. At first, he barely noticed me. He never spoke nor even acknowledged my existence. Nearing the start of summer vacation I came up with an idea to try and get to know him. 

My large home, complete with a swimming pool and spa was a huge task for me to manage alone. My husband had died in an auto accident a number of years ago, leaving me quite wealthy, but without a man around to take care of the ongoing maintenance of the property. I had hired people to take care of the various tasks and some, I did myself. This led to my plan to get to know the young man. 

Giving my lawn service the week off, I took my lawn mower out front, where he usually jogged by. I was dressed in a pair of loose shorts, a low cut tank top, and no bra. My large thirty-six “C” cup breasts stretched the material and my hard nipples were very visible. I had my mid length blonde hair in a ponytail sticking out of the back of a golf cap. Seeing him jogging up the street, no shirt on and in his running shorts, I put my plan in motion. I made it look as though I was having trouble starting the lawnmower. He jogged on by, then stopped and turned around. Watching him out of the corner of my eye, he seemed to pause, look me over as though seeing me for the first time, and then jogged back towards me. 

“Hello Ma’am, can I help you with that?” He asked. 

“My lawn people couldn’t make it this week. I don’t know how to start this machine. They always have done it and I just don’t know how.” I replied. “I would appreciate it if you know how to start this thing, that you would show me how.”

“Sure, I’ll take a look.” He came into the driveway and crouched down looking at the mower. 

I bent down beside him to look too, my breasts making contact with his naked torso. I immediately became wet. His manly odor was sweet in my nostrils. I was really turned on by this young man!

“Well, it looks like the fuel valve is in the off position. I’ll turn it on and give it a go.” He stood, bumping into my chest. “Oh, excuse me, I’m sorry, I didn’t hurt you did I?”

I laughed. “No, I’m fine, I was just trying to see what you were doing so I would know what to do the next time. Sometimes the girls get in the way!“ 

His face flushed red with a blush. I also noticed a bulge forming beneath his running shorts! 

“Ok, that’s good.” He grabbed the handle, pulled the starter cord a couple of times and the mower jumped to life! Looking at me with a big grin on his face he said, “That’s what it was, they probably shut off the fuel valve when they finish mowing. It’s a good practice to do that.”

“Well, thank you! I would never have figured that out! I’m so glad you came along when you did. Now I can get this lawn mown.” I let it hang in the wind. 

Taking my bait he offered, “You know, I’m really don’t have much to do today, and mowing a lawn is almost as good as jogging. If you’d like, I can mow the lawn for you?”

“Oh, that would be wonderful! I’ll pay you just like I would the lawn service.” I accepted his offer. 

“Hey, that won’t be necessary, I actually like mowing lawns. I kinda make a game out of it. Like, I try and figure the best angles to take to get the job done in the least amount of time, but still get it done properly. I’m kinda weird like that. By the way, my name is Brett.” He extended his hand to me. 

“I’m Mrs. Carlson, but you can call me Beth. You start mowing and I’ll get us a couple refreshments. Anything in particular you’d like?” I offered. 

“A beer would be great!” then he laughed. “Just kidding! Water, lemonade or ice tea would be fine.“ 

“I’ll get us both an iced tea, sweet or unsweetened?“ 

“Unsweetened would be great!”

“We can have a beer together after you finish the lawn. Oh, I also have more lawn in back by the pool” I added Laughing. 

I went to the kitchen to get our tea. My hands were trembling, what was I thinking? Was I actually trying to seduce this young man that had just turned eighteen? Yes, I thought, I am. I changed into a loose, button down, sleeveless summer top. I left several buttons undone. I knew that as I moved certain ways, my breasts would be exposed to anyone that cared to look. I was hopeful he would take notice!

Bringing drinks outside, I then pulled a couple of lawn chairs out of the storage shed and set them up in the shade of the entryway arches. I waved to him and motioned him to the chairs. Making a couple more passes, he already had the front lawn halfway done. He then stopped, shut down the machine and sat down next to me. 

“Looks like your mowing method is working.” I leaned forward to hand him the iced tea, as I moved so my shirt opened and my heavy breasts were now fully exposed to him as they almost fell free from my shirt. I Paused long enough to give him a good long view. Sitting back in my chair, I noticed he had a huge bulge growing in his shorts. My tactic was working. “So, tell me a little bit about yourself Brett.” I smiled at him as I watched his efforts to adjust his growing cock. 

“Well, not much to tell, I live down the street with my Grams, I’ve lived with her since I was about ten. My mom was a singer in a band and my dad was a guitar player. Mom left a while back to go to Nashville and make it big in the music business.”

He continued. “Dad took off for parts unknown, to try and make it in the music world too. Never do hear from him. I love to play guitar and piano, Grams taught me music. I guess I also inherited my parents musical genes, ‘cause I took to the instruments very easily. Music also helps me relax and concentrate. Kids at school think I’m weird ‘cause I’m not into all their social world. My grades are great, top honors and all that stuff, but, I’m really not sure yet what I want to do with my life. I started a garage band, so far it’s me and a drummer and a chick that can sing really good.” Then he quickly added “She’s not like a girlfriend or anything, she just sings with us”.

Pausing his story, I moved my chair closer to his, so my bare shapely leg was touching his. I could feel his body trembling through my touch. “Brett, are you alright? You’re shaking”. 

“Yes, Mrs. Carlson, it’s just hot and I’m all sweaty and I’m a little nervous”. He explained. 

Leaning forward, my shirt parted, now fully exposing my tits to him as they fell free of the loose shirt. “Why are you nervous?” I asked. I noticed his eyes were locked in a stare at my exposed breasts. Putting my hand on his leg I comforted him. “Don’t be nervous Brett, it’s okay to look.” Sliding my hand, fingernails lightly raking his skin, gently up his thigh, just under his shorts, oh so close to his young cock. I wanted to feel his cock so bad, but, I somehow controlled myself. 

“Oh, my, I didn’t realize the girls popped free. Sorry!” Leaning back in my chair once again, I adjusted my shirt to cover my exposed boobs in case someone drove by. “And please, call me Beth.“ 

“Uh, Beth, it’s OK, I just have never seen anything as beautiful as your, uh, ah” he was stammering, obviously turned on, but embarrassed at having seen my bare breasts. “Your, uh, um, ah, breasts!”

“Why thank you Brett, it’s been quite some time since anyone has seen them!” I tried to ease his discomfort. 

“Thank you for the tea Mrs, uh, I mean Beth.” He corrected himself then quickly changed the subject.” I guess I should finish here so I can get the back yard for you.” He stated getting up from his chair and handed me the empty glass. 

I took the glass, but also held onto his hand. “Yes, you finish the lawn here. I’ll meet you at the back gate and unlock and open it, so you can finish back there. I’ll bring you a fresh iced tea.” I raked his palm with my fingernails as I released his hand. He stood there for a few moments with a starry look in his eyes. I could only imagine what thoughts were running through his young testosterone filled mind and body. Then, with a big smile, he turned and headed back to the task of finishing the front lawn. I got up and went back into the house.

Quickly I changed into a white string bikini that I hadn’t worn in years. When I swam in my pool, sun bathed and actually, most of the time I was home, I never wore anything. 

There were numerous times I had surprised and delighted the various delivery guys when I would answer the door wearing nothing but a smile! The pizza delivery guys really enjoyed it. When they delivered pizzas to me, I would often open the door wrapped in a towel and then drop it as I reached for the money to pay them. Often times I’d drop some coins and then give them a great view of my ass and pussy as I bent over to retrieve the change!

Although Brett had already seen my boobs, and the bikini didn’t hide much, I felt it best to be covered for the time being. Also, from past experience, I knew when the suit became wet, it also became completely see through!

Hearing the mower stop, I headed out back to unlock and open the gate. Brett was waiting at the entrance to the backyard when I opened the gate. His eyes once again went wide as he took in my bikini clad body. 

“Mrs, I mean Beth, you are really bbbbeautiful!” He managed to speak. “I’ll have the back yard done in a jiffy!”

“Wonderful, I’ll have a glass of tea ready and on the patio table when your ready for a break. Then maybe we can take a dip in the pool, if you’d like?” I added. 

“Awesome, but I don’t have a suit.” His look saddened. 

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that, we’ll figure something out.” I smiled and winked at him. Closing and locking the gate behind him, I led him to the yard. “Here ya go, it’s a big yard. I hope it’s not too much.”

“Oh, it’s not, you watch me, I’ll have it done in no time at all!” The prospects of a swim with me in the pool had definitely boosted his adrenaline and hopefully his testosterone too! He immediately began mowing. 

I watched his muscular young body as he mowed. Strong arms and wide shoulders, six pack abs and great calf muscles complimented his young physique. My mind kept wandering into the Netherlands of what might lie below those jogging shorts. 

He finished the lawn in record time! Not only was he fast about it, but he had done the best job I’d ever seen on it. I was thinking I might just fire the current lawn people for the summer and hire him on! He even noticed that the mower went in the large storage shed at the back of the property and parked it in the stall meant for it. 

Practically jogging up to the patio where I sat waiting, he sat and quickly gulped down the tea. Refilling his glass, I asked him if he was ready for a swim and told him afterwards I would fix some lunch for us. He readily agreed and I informed him I hung a pair of swim trunks for him inside the outdoor shower by the pool house. 

I was already in the pool, sitting in a floating lounger, when he finished showering and came out with the board shorts on. With his wet hair, he looked like a surfer boy fresh out of the ocean waves. Heading for the deep end of the pool, he dove in and surfaced near me. 

“Oh wow, does this feel good after all that mowing!” He exclaimed. 

“I bet it does. You know what feels even better?” He shook his head no. “We should get in the hot tub. That will really sooth those sore muscles and relax you. We can hit the pool again after the spa cycle finishes.” I slipped off the lounger and swam to the steps. 

Exiting the pool, I knew he could see right through my flimsy suit. Lifting the cover off the tub, I climbed in. He quickly followed me in. Pushing the buttons to activate the numerous jets, the water began churning. 

“You were right Beth, man, this really feels good! Believe it or not, I’ve never been in a hot tub before.”

Smiling at him, I slowly made a show of beginning to remove my top. “You’ve already seen the girls, and I’m not used to having anything on when in the hot tub or the pool. I’m sure you won’t mind if I get rid of this top do you?“ 

“Uh, mm, uh no, that’s ok, I don’t mind.“ 

“Great, thanks!” I took the bikini top off and tossed it aside. We let the circulating water soothe our bodies. When the cycle ended, I rose up, fulling exposing my topless upper body. Now, without the churning water, he could see my large breasts and firm nipples and I could clearly see a nice tent in his board shorts! I also knew, as I faced him, he could clearly see my pussy through the transparent material of my bikini bottom.

Moving back to the pool, I dove in the deep end, surfaced at the lounger and climbed into it. He followed, diving in and started doing laps around the large pool. Finishing five laps, he swam over to the front of the lounger and rested his arms on the front float. Because my legs were spread wide on the floating chair, I knew this gave him the perfect view of my pussy through the transparent material. 

“Geez, Beth, you are so fit and just gorgeous!” I liked that he was becoming bolder. “Other than on the internet, I’ve never seen a naked woman. You are so much prettier than any girl or any women I’ve ever seen online!”

“Why thank you Brett. That is a real compliment! I know there are some really hot females on there!” Knowing I would probably embarrass him, I asked “So, you look at porn on the internet?”

His face turned beet red as he realized he just told me he porn surfed! He started to answer but I cut him off. “Gotcha Brett!” I said Laughing. “There’s nothing wrong with that Brett. It’s a common place thing in today’s world. Heck, I look at porn too!“ 

Changing the subject, but now having put sex out in the open, I continued. “Hey, let’s have some lunch.” I slid off the lounger, brushing his body with my breasts, and swam to the steps with him swimming close behind me. I took a couple towels from the towel rack. Handing one to him I asked him to help me dry off before I went in to get us lunch. 

Taking the towel, he dried off my back and the back of my legs, then stopped. “Hey, you’re not done yet, you don’t expect me to go in the house dripping water off by boobs do you?” I laughingly asked. “Come on, they won’t bite you, I promise.” I raised my arms over my head which really emphasized my assets. 

Eyes wide, he began toweling of my naked upper body. He took a good amount of time drying each breast, only able to feel them through the thick material of the towel. Once again he stopped when he reached my waist. “Don’t stop now, Brett, you’re doing great! We don’t want me dripping water off down there either!”

He dried off my lower body, his face almost touching my crotch. I was tempted to press forward and see how he’d react, but I restrained myself. Finishing, he stood back up. I leaned forward my breasts touching his upper torso, and gave him a peck on his cheek. “Oh no, your still wet! Now you need to dry my boobs off again! Judging from what I see in your shorts you won’t mind doing that again will you?”

“Uh, ah, no, I guess I won’t!” He laughed and dried off my boobs again. I was hoping he’d let the towel slip out of his hands, but he didn’t. I took maters in my own hands. “Brett, have you ever touched a woman’s breasts? Would you like to touch mine?” I asked as I moved closer to him. “Go ahead, it’s OK, feel my boobs.“ 

Dropping the towel, his hands moved slowly to my chest. Each hand cupped a breast and moved lightly around the swell. “Go ahead, squeeze them, put my nipples between your fingers and pinch, I’ll let you know if you do it too hard.“ 

He was mesmerized by my tits. “Would you like to suck them?” He nodded. 

“Put them in your mouth, lick and suck them as much as you like!” Like an infant on a breast, he began suckling my large breasts. His tongue was everywhere. 

“Nibble on them with your teeth, that’s it, a bit harder. Mmmmmm, that feels so good Brett!” I reached down and stroked the boner in his shorts. 

“Ok, now I’ll dry you off.” Again his eyes went wide and I quickly dried his back. Then, taking more time, I dried his upper torso and moved to the lower body. The board shorts were almost dry, however, I used the towel to dry his firm butt anyway.

Drying the front of his shorts was the most enjoyable. His erection was like a steel rod underneath the shorts. It also felt impossibly large! I noticed his eyes were closed and he had a delighted grin as I slowly toweled his crotch, paying particular attention to his hard on. 

“There, done. Now I’ll go get our lunch. Be right back.” I headed to the kitchen, but not before I noticed the glassy eyed look of ecstasy on his face, as he stood there transfixed by what had just occurred. 

Watching him from the kitchen, as I prepared sandwiches for us, I saw him shake his head in disbelief. Then he put the towels back on the rack to dry and went to the patio table to wait for me. 

Setting the food on the table, I placed a plate in front of him. Then I reached under the table, opening a cooler I had placed there earlier and pulled out an ice cold beer for both of us. Twisting off the cap I put the beer in front of him. 

“Today will be our little secret, OK.” I made a statement, not a question. “If you’d like to, I would love to have you over more often. You could come mow the lawn, clean the pool and do some other odd jobs around here that I need done. I’ll pay you a nice amount. I could be your Summer job. Think your Grams would be alright with that? Just make sure you don’t tell anyone, and I mean anyone, about my running around half naked or anything else that we may do here.”

“Well, I think so. She’s been on me about finding a job for the Summer so I’m not borrowing money from her to buy my musical stuff. I’m saying yes right now! And don’t worry, I won’t tell a soul about anything!“ 

“Cool!” I raised my beer to him and we clinked bottles. “Here’s to your new Summer job and all the perks that go with it!” We both took a swig of the golden liquid. 

“Wow, this is the best beer I’ve ever had! I really didn’t like the taste of any beer I’ve tried, but this is awesome. Honey Brown, it has a sweet taste to it, I really like it.” He took another swig. 

“It’s my favorite, only beer I like to drink too.” Then I added, “It will really make you taste sweet too!” He really didn’t seem to realize just what I was saying. I licked my lips at the thought of tasting his sweet cum after he consumed a few of these beers. From past experience, contrary to most opinions, that beer made semen taste bitter, I found that a man that drank this beer would have a unique sweet flavor to his ejaculate. Three beers later, Brett seemed like he was feeling a bit tipsy. 

“So, you have any special girls at school?” I asked. “You know, like a girlfriend or anything?”

“Um, not really.” He was a bit hesitant, but then the beer buzz began to kick in. “I mean, I’ve kinda messed around with a few of them, but they act silly and giggle a lot. I’ve kissed a couple and felt their boobs through their shirts. But that’s it.“ 

Deciding to get a bit bolder I asked him, “They ever offer to give you a hand or blow job?”

With that question, he almost blew the sip of beer he had just taken right out of his mouth! “Uh, umm, no! I’ve kinda got a reputation around school, uh, that I’m really big down there, uh, ya know, I mean. Well the guys have seen me in the shower in gym and, uh, they, uh, spread it around. So, when ever I’ve been with a girl and, uh, I, uh kinda ask ‘em if they want to touch me or whatever, they just giggle or laugh and…” He trailed off.

“Really? Well what does a young man with testosterone running wild in his body do then?” His face flushed deep red. “Hey Brett, don’t be embarrassed, women have needs to, I haven’t had a man in quite a while. I have to please myself sexually too. I use my hands and fingers. Sometimes I use a vibrator.” I continued this line, I wanted him sexually aroused. “It’s fine to please yourself. I know boys do it. I have a son.“ 

“Uh, well, yes, I do. Don’t be mad, but, I usually think about you and how you’d look naked and stuff, uh, ah, and I do that.“ 

“Oh Brett, I’m not mad, I think that’s sweet! Well, you’ve seen my naked tits, and I’ve seen your reaction to that! Let’s finish lunch and we can swim again.” Closing the subject for now. 

We finished lunch, he finished his fourth beer and I took the dishes into the kitchen. Coming back out, I went straight back into the pool. “Come on in Brett, we’ll do a few laps to work off lunch.” He got up and stepped into the pool. I stopped him on the third step. “Wait, don’t go any further!” I swam over to the steps. With me kneeling on the pool floor, his crotch was at the perfect height for what I had in mind. 

With a confused look on his face, I surprised him by removing my bottoms and tossing them out of the pool. His confusion turned into a grin. “Ok, now it’s your turn.“ 

The grin vanished. “Huh, wadda ya mean?” Confusion again. “What?”

“I mean it’s your turn to take off your bottoms, I took off mine! You get to see me naked like in your fantasies, so I get to see you naked too, like in my fantasies!” Hinting that I had fantasies of him. 

“Uh, umm, I dunno. I mean, like I’ve never taken my clothes off in front of a girl, err, I mean woman! And ya know with my reputation…” He trailed off again. 

“Well, there has to be a first time for everything right? And I’m completely naked now and you’re not! Do you think that’s fair?” The challenge was in the air. 

“Uh, ah, I guess not.” He remained frozen in place. 

“OK, that’s it!” I reached up and pulled his shorts down around his ankles. His young cock was finally exposed to me, and what a cock it was! His reputation was well deserved! “Oh my, those girls at school don’t know what their missing out on! That is one fine cock you have there Mister!”

His embarrassment changed as he beamed with pride. “Really, you think so?” He stepped completely out of the bottoms. 

“Oh yes, for sure!” I reached up and gently took his manhood in my hands. Slowly stroking his testicles with one hand and his rapidly growing cock with the other. “Now Brett, before I continue here, I have to have your sincere promise that you won’t tell anyone about what we do when you’re with me. What happens at Mrs. Carlson’s has to stay at Mrs. Carlson’s.” with his weighty manhood in my grasp, he assured me he wouldn’t tell anyone. 

With his cock growing by the second, I looked up at him, parted my lips and slid the crown of his penis in my mouth. I must admit, it was a true mouthful! He moaned with pleasure. Running my tongue around his cock head I licked and gently sucked and nibbled on it. Then, parting my lips, I let it slide back out. “How’s that big boy? Feel a little better than a manual hand job? Would you like some more?”

“Oh yes, please yes, that felt so great! I can’t believe this is happening to me, you are my fantasy come true!“ 

This time I pursed my lips and ran them the length of his cock. Using a little suction along the way. I continued this method for a while covering every inch of his huge penis. Returning to the tip again, I took his cock back in my mouth and began giving him the suck of his young life. I had no plans on stopping, except to prolong his pleasure, until his cum exploded in my mouth!

All the while My mouth was enjoying his cock, my hands were busy with his balls. I raked his scrotum with my nails, and gently squeezed and stroked each testicle. When I felt his nuts tighten and rise into his body readying for release, I would stop with my mouth and tighten my hold on his balls and the base of his cock. Doing this several times, I could tell that he was building to a massive explosion when I allowed it! 

“Oh, Beth, this is so great! You are doing to me just what I do to myself! I make myself wait and wait so I can squirt and cum as hard as possible! This feels so much better though, so much better!“ 

I rose up from the kneeling position. My wet breasts dripping water, I leaned into him and wrapped my arms around him, pressing my boobs against his erection. Then, taking a tit in each hand, I buried his cock in my slippery cleavage and began sliding his cock between them. 

“This is called a titty fuck Brett, I’m sure you’ve seen this watching porn, but I bet you never thought you’d be getting this for real!” The look on his face said it all. I continued the tit fucking until I knew he was overdue for release. Sliding back down in the pool, kneeling again and taking his cock in my mouth all in one motion, I twirled my tongue as I bobbed my head up and down. Soon the inevitable began, his balls retracted into his body, his massive cock throbbed and twitched and his cum erupted, like hot lava from a volcano, into my cum hungry mouth!

Swallowing as fast as I could, I barely was able to keep up with the amount of cum he was shooting into my mouth. Stream after stream of sweet ejaculate spewed into my mouth and throat! He must have shot at least ten or eleven strong streams of his hot, thick, tasty ejaculate! Tapering off to a slow dribble from his cum hole, I let his cock slip from my mouth to my waiting hand. His legs were trembling and I thought he may collapse. 

Looking up at him, holding his cock, cum dribbling from my lips I spoke. “Brett, that was fantastic!” He beamed once again. “I think we should lie down and rest after that. Theirs a nice bed in the pool house.“ 

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