Sweaty Got What She Wanted

I have as a co-worker a very beautiful, young lady by the name of Sweaty. She has been working with me for about six months. Sweaty is a tall, shapely red head about twenty-three years old, with a sharp sense of humor. Often we joke with each other and have never found anything to offend either of us.

Several weeks ago, we both had put in a couple of evenings of overtime on a pressing project. I decided in order to celebration the completion of the project I would invite Sweaty to have dinner and a couple of drinks at a nearby restaurant.

We arrived at the restaurant and were seated at a corner table. We ordered a couple of mixed-drinks while looking over the menu. Sweaty and I made our selection and we ordered more drinks. After finishing our meal and re-ordering drinks, Sweaty and I sat and talked about the project we had completed at work and how we could have improved on it. Before we knew it, we had been sitting and talking for almost three hours. I had started to drink coffee and Sweaty had stuck with her mixed drinks. I could tell by her actions and speech the drinks were getting to her. I suggested we should call it a night. She agreed and we left the restaurant.

Once out of the restaurant and while driving Sweaty back to the office to get her car, I realized she should not drive herself home. I asked if she wanted me to take her home since she only lived a few block from the restaurant. Then later the next day, being Saturday, help her get her car. She replied that that would probably be the best thing to do. In a few minutes we arrived at Sweat’s apartment. I got out and went around and open the car door for her. Sweaty got out and since it was late at night, I walked her to the apartment door. She opened the door and I bid her good night. She asked if I wanted to come in and drink some coffee with her. She felt that coffee would be something she needed at this time. I reluctantly accepted her invitation.

Sweaty made the coffee and it was a very strong brew. We sat at the dining table and made small talk about work while sipping the coffee. After an hour, I told Sweaty that I needed to go and would give her a call the next day concerning getting her car. Then to my surprise Sweaty said, “Hell!! You can’t go yet. You haven’t fucked me”. What she said really took me by surprise and for some reason I said, what??” She repeated in a loud voice, “I said you can’t go yet because you haven’t fucked me”. I sat there for a few seconds and then calmly said, “Well Sweaty, Why don’t you just show me where the bed room is”. Sweaty got up and motion for me to follow her. Once in the bed room she took off her clothes and lay with legs wide open on the bed. I couldn’t help but to admire her red bush. It was actually a darker red than her hair. I quickly removed my clothes and joined her on the bed. She pulled me over on her and I eased my hard dick into her pussy. She let out a small moan. It was amazing how tight her pussy was, yet it was very wet. In a few minutes she was moaning and arching her back with each stroke. Soon we both reached our climax. Then still inside her I rolled her over to where she was lying on top of me.

We lay in that position for a while and then she changed positions and began to suck my dick. I soon shot my load again. She laid down on the bed with her head on my chest and her hand running through my chest hair. Soon she got up took my hand and led me to the bathroom where we showered together. After the shower we took turns drying each other off. We then returned to the bedroom.

We again lay on the bed, not really saying anything. In a short time I pulled Sweaty over on top of me. I kissed her and then turned her around so I had her in a sixty-nine position. She tasted really good. I worked my tongue in her pussy until she was ready to cum. She told me to stop and she changed positions so that she was on top of me and we were fucking again. After we both had cum again we just laid in that position.

The next morning the sun coming through the window woke us up. Sweaty was still lying on top of me and my dick was still inside her. As we laid there the urge came to both of us to fuck again. After this morning session, we both went in and took a shower together. We took turn soaping each other and washing each other’s back. After the shower, Sweaty went into the kitchen and make us breakfast. I had follow her into the kitchen and sat at the table watching her cook. She was still wearing nothing, Every now and then she would make her way to the table and position her red bushed pussy so that I could take a couple licks and then she would move away. After breakfast we went back to the bedroom and spent the rest of the day in bed enjoying sex with each other. Around 6:00p.m. In the evening we decided we should end the sex marathon and go retrieve Sweat’s car.

Sweaty and I have never indicated to anyone at the office that we spent this time together. Although at times we do look at each other and smile. We have decided that we should ever-so-often go to the same restaurant and have some mixed-drinks and a dinner. We have done this twice since the first time. Each time, for some odd reason, we have to go around 6:00p.m. and our relationship continued till I worked over there.

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