I am Jay age 45 working with a multinational firm. This happened to me two years back, when urgently I had to go to Mumbai and not getting plane ticket I had to go by train. Last minute reservation by Railway got a RAC seat, since it was a night. But since the journey was one night journey only so I thought I will adjust. To my surprise the same seat a lady was also allotted RAC seat as the train was leaving the platform a lady came running and boarded the train and since I was standing at the door gave my hand and pulled her inside at that moment she fell on me and my hands were holding her near her hips, that gave me a 420 volts shock in me, she was damn hot and to my surprise she smiled at me and said thanks for help, I reminded her if she had slipped she would have gone under the train for which she said that she was late due to the crowd while traveling from her house to station, After that I studied her to see that she had a mole on her cheek and she was not so good looking but she had a great figure she was wearing a blue chiffon sari & she looked like a Guajarati or a Maharahstrian type and to my luck she was sharing the same RAC seat. After some time the train halted at a station & myself got down and saw the reservation chart in which it was mentioned her name as Mrs. Madhuri & her age was 32 this made me feel better. After the train started went back to the seat. She asked me where I was going to which informed her that will be traveling up to Thana, for which she replied that she too was going to the same place since she

had to attend a interview at Mumbai and her relatives stayed at Thana. We started conversing and told her that I was married and had a son for which she said that she was having a daughter who is 4 years old, she said that her husband works with Titan company and she was working with a private company but she got a better oppurtinity in Bangalore but had to attend interview at Mumbai. Then I noticed that she had good boobs which were trying to protrude out of the blouse. We were having the side berth seat so we were sitting facing our legs to each other, I was feeling her heat since her legs were touching mine & since it was breeze outside I removeda shawl from my bag and put it on my legs by doing this both her legs and my legs were covered, badly wanted to feel her touch so purposely my hand used to fall on her legs and 2 times her hands also touched my legs, I started acting as if I was sleeping and felt her legs since her sari had pushed upwards and could feel her legs upto ker knees. While feeling her legs she did not mind which gave me a signal that may be I should take liberties, by the time a station came and asked her whether she wanted anything to eat for which she asked me to bring something, got down and brought some eatables and cool drinks and we eat, while eating I could see her breasts since her sari had slided little away it made me mad and was staring when she realized that I was focused on her breasts for which she asked me what I was staring for which replied to her that she is beautiful & she smiled after that the lights were put of since it was night & we decided to sleep in 69 position &

that is when my throbbing pennis was touching her breasts, madhuri was also hot and wanted some action but since she was lady she was thinking whether to start or not when there was a jerk and my hand went on her tummy & did not remove it that iswhen she inserted her hands inside my pants and starting fiddling with my thing, I started roaming my hands inside her legs and started feeling her thighs and went near her cunt and started fingering it, it was a great experience, then asked madhuri whether she would suck my cock for which she accepted so I slided downwards so that her cunt and my mouth &my prick & her mouth got synchronized and then our routine of sucking started I began to kissing the area around her labia before I began to lick her pussy lips and clit. Her legs were spread wide; she was completely open to me and at my mercy. I took advantage of this, running my tongue up and down her moist pussy, making her I sucked on her clit. I was taking the time to suck and lick each of her hot wet pussy folds. She was in ecstasy as it was everything she imagined it would be Noises were starting to escape her lips, her hands pressing down hard on the bed, helping her hips lift against my mouth. I started chewing her pussy, slowly at first, then plunging in like a starved person. The pleasure was too much, too intense and she requested me to stop since she could not bear my sucking. She was breathing fast, her chest heaving and her crotch bucking wildly as I feasted on her sex, sucking and licking inside her love hole. Madhuri surprised herself at how vocal she became, her body quivering and instinctively she started bucking against my face. I was licking and sucking her pussy and she was overcome by the sensual feelings erupting inside her. She had never felt like this before; her pussy went in spasms, as I sent her body into a sexual frenzy with my face buried in her drenched pussy, she was so energized by my sucking her that she just left my prick without sucking it properly, we couldnot go too far since we were traveling and I also felt sleepy and she also slept, morning we spoke to each other and got down one station earlier at Lonavala and registered in a Hotel as husband and wife since we had baggages the hotel did not have doubts after entering the hotel room we became mad and started

violently kissing each other I immediately pulled her close to me and inserted my hand under her blouse and started fiddling with her breasts. Madhuri started to feel horny as her breasts rubbed all over my massive chest. She couldn’t talk, as she was feeling such a rush of sexual excitement like she had never felt before even though she knew it was wrong. My strong grip on her body held her tight and she was unable to pull away, and her whole body tensed as my warm lips touched hers. my lips were not like her husband’s, and although she knew he shouldn’t be doing this, Madhuri opened her mouth and began kissing, our lips meltingtogether as if they were becoming one. myself pushed my tongue into her mouth and pulled her close as I began fondling her ass, and this felt so good to her. I started exploring her body and she felt me rubbing her back, before my hands reached her breasts and cupped them. When I began gently stroking her tits through the soft material of her blouse, it felt so good and made her knees go weak. My hands continued to rub, caress and even crush her breasts; she was enjoying. Myself slid my hand under her sari, circled her breasts with my hand, and began tweaking her hard nipples with my fingers; this felt so good that she asked me not to stop but keep on doing the same as she was getting excited.I grabbed both of her tits, squeezing them, and then I moved up the bottom of her bra, exposing her nipples, gently gently rolling them between my fingertips.

I unclasped her bra, releasing her full ripe breasts into my full view; they looked so beautiful and inviting and I started to lick and suck them, startling her again. I began sucking her nipple harder and faster, driving her crazy with need; she started to pull away from me so I increased MY sucking to a point where it felt too good for her to stop me. I moved over to the other breast and slowly began tonguing it before taking that nipple into my mouth. I sucked hard and fast on it just like he had with the other, causing her to throw back her head in pleasure, moaning out loud, and holding me tightly, pulling my head into her bosom Myself slipped my hand down to her belly and then slowly inched lower and lower, gently caressing my way down to her inner thighs, caressing the silkiness of her inner thighs. Madhuri enjoyed the way she was getting aroused she couldn’t resist as she felt me softly massaging her pussy through the material of her sari My hands pushed her legs farther apart and the feel of my strong hands were driving her mad, sending chills up her spine and turning her blood into warm honey that stirred and pooled in her belly awaiting release. Sensing this, I suddenly lifted her sari and petticoat up from her body; and seeing for the first time the beautiful shape of Madhuri’s thighs felt the juices inside him trying to surge out from him, and when at last my eyes fell upon the black curly hair hiding cunt, I let himself move still closer and spreading the hair was ecstatic to see her wet moist cunt. When she realized that I had exposed her private parts and was seeing them, she went wild with desire and her vagina’s lips started pulsating and she came heavily.

Immediately I saw the dripping juices flow out of her cunt and slide down her thighs, to see this was something very enchanting and my cock too started vibrating in her hand.. When she felt my cock pulsate in her hand, she cupped it in her fingers and started jacking it up and down and when she felt my body jerk with excitement, she brought the cock nearer to her face and caressed it on her cheeks. She was too pleased to have made me comforted and took my cock and inserted it inside her throbbing cunt I put my weight on her She hold me by locking my back with her both hands. Her legs were on my shoulder. I put my prick on her wet cunt and with one forceful stroke, inserted my prick deep inside her cunt. I kissed her and kissed her all over her neck. She was also holding me so tight that her nails were pricking my back. I put my both hands on her both boobs. Squeezing her boobs, I started pumping her. Closing her eyes, she was responding wildly. I was fucking her & stroking her, I removed both her legs from my shoulder, bent it on her knees and put it on her stomach so as her knee was touching her boobs. I lifted her buttocks and put my prick inside.

Now I was ramming her cunt by hitting her buttocks .I could do with force by holding her. She started moaning and lifting her buttocks. I was mad anyway seeing her fair and shifting her buttocks. I did for a few minutes fucking her. Suddenly I turned her & started kissing Her back It was so good stroking her. I was resting on her back putting my both hands on her boobs and was fucking her like wild animal. I was near to jerk my all juice inside her. She had her orgasm as her cunt was totally wet She was in ecstasy. She told me that this is very unique experience for her. I was rubbing her body with my body as I was moving up and down on her. Her boobs were getting rubbed badly with my chest and my lund was lifting her cunt rubbing it badly. My thighs were having friction with her thighs. My lips were also moving on her face.

I increased my speed and she also responded by lifting her buttocks speedily. Now, I was just working over her body like express train. She was also lifting her body. I was removing my lund and then ramming again in her cunt by rolling my body on her body up and then coming down. With every stroke, my lund was lifting her cunt too. And then, I collapsed n her by throwing all my juices inside her. We were breathing too heavily so we relaxed like that for 15 minutes. We decided to take bath and then got prepared to leave for Thana we exchanged our mobile numbers with a promise to meet again at Bangalore, we met many a times again and still meet whenever we want to satisfy our hunger, till today our relations is totally safe and secret, she is happy in her family and I am also happy none of our other half no about our affair.

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