My Short Sex Stories Part-3

Breaking The Virginity

It was winter vacation and as always we were going to have winter camp trip. I and my girl friend were very happy for that there would be no one to disturb us. In the trip bus we sat on 2nd last sets together and I was kissing her such way that anyone can hardly notice. Then she suddenly looked at me I saw something in her eyes then I thought some thing will happen. Then bus stopped for meal break, all went for some meal but I didn’t. After a while my girlfriend came to me running and gave me a juice with her nice gentle tongue kiss. Oh that was really nice.

At the night camp all of us were singing around the camp fire then I looked at my girlfriend then I found that she was trying to say something with her eyes to me. Then she left then I followed her then we both went to a quit place. She said, “Why did you kiss me in bus? What if someone had seen us?” Don’t you know darling that I love you and that’s why I kissed you, I replied. Then she looked at me and we began to kiss hardly to each other’s lips and it was happening automatically. My one hand was on her ripe boobs and other was on her pant just above her pussy trying to reach there. Her hands were trying to open my jacket and then t-shirt. I find my sell uncomfortable and then I found why my cock was trying to escape from my jeans. My girlfriend helped him to do so. I could feel her hot breath. She began to suck and pump my cock with her warm mouth. She did it for 6 min then she stood up then we both begun to remove each others’ cloth with soft kisses over lips. As the job finished I saw her nice cute boobs then my mouth began to suck that. Then she gave a horny moan which just made excite me and my cock. She was playing with my cock with her soft hands.

I kissed and sucked that rosy wet pussy along with she was giving sexy moans time to times to ecrouge me. When I looked at her eyes I found that they were asking me to begin the main ceremony. So we both made a nice place lay down and then we step into the 69 pose with my dick in her mouth and her pussy at my mouth and started to make them wet. After then she asked me to insert my cock inside her nice pussy. She made a way to enter for my cock and I started to insert but I failed as it slipped away then at second time I inserted 13 of my cock and she just cried which was sexy hearing which I felt a power and I pushed my dick in her. It went totally inside and I felt some hot liquid but I begun to do in and out with my cock kept on doing that. At first she was crying but later she begun to give encrousing sounds with which my speed increased. Her hands were crawling at my back and she was moaning with my each stroke. And at last haven point came and I felt like flying. After then we dressed up and went to the camp. Late I found that that hot liquid I felt at first was blood and I was 1st virgin person to break her virginity

My first experience with my hot English Teacher

Hi, my name is Jay. I am a 21 year old good looking guy with, about 6’1 and moderately toned. I had a lecturer teaching chemistry who everyone thought was just smoking hot. Her name was Ms. Neha. Ms. Neha was 27 years old with long black hair, and a very curvy body sporting perky D-cup breasts and a tight ass. I would always talk to her after class because she was really cool, and one day toward the end of the year she asked me to come in during my study hall period.

I came in and she was sitting at her desk grading papers, looking dead sexy. She was wearing a tight white button down shirt, sleeves rolled up and a few of the top buttons undone, revealing a teasing amount of cleavage. Her tight black skirt made her long legs look defined and beautiful. When she noticed me walk in, she stood up and walked over toward the door, shutting it and locking it discreetly behind her back.

“Well, well, well, Jay. How long I have been waiting to be alone with you,” She said softly.

“Ms. Neha” I said stupidly, obviously confused by her actions.

“I have seen the way you look at me in class. I’m not stupid. I know you want me. And to be honest,” she said, eyeballing me lustily, “It really turns me on.” She crossed the room quickly, unbuttoning her shirt as she went. By the time she got to where I was standing, she was wearing only her lacy black bra. Her eyes were glued to mine as she began to undo my belt as I took off my shirt. She finished undoing my pants and reached inside and pulled out my semi erect 7 inch, thick cock.

“That’s what I have been waiting for,” she said excitedly as she eyed my manhood for the first time. She took it firmly i her small hands and gave me a look of sheer excitement. Then, very quickly, she thrust my entire length into her hungry wet mouth, leaving me gasping for air. She sucked deep and hard, using her soft tongue to play with my tip. While her right hand was holding the base of my cock, her left was massaging my balls very gently. Her eyes were glued to mine as she worked up and down my shaft with great speed. My head was swimming with ecstasy. Not wanting me to finish too soon, she pulled her head off my glistening dick and pulled me over to her desk.

She pushed me down into a lying position and made me watch as she removed her bra, revealing her large but very shapely tits. Then she removed her skirt to reveal she was not wearing any panties. Her pussy was completely waxed, not leaving even the slightest trace of hair. She climbed up onto the desk and straddled my dick, rubbing the length of m shaft against her soaking clit and giving me access to suck deeply at those tits I had fantasized about so much. She reached between her legs and grabbed my cock, and guided it past her full wet lips and into her warm, tight box. She gasped as my thickness filled her, but then she continued to move up and down on my dick.

She placed her hands on my shoulders and began to ride me fiercely, her tits bouncing in motion with her body. I reached my arms around her and rand my hands over her smooth, supple ass. I squeezed tightly and began to guide her on my dick. As the pace and intensity increased, her soft moans became louder. Her hips stopped bouncing and began to grind on my dick in circular motions, driving me wild. She pulled herself off of me and bent low to suck her own sweet juices off of me. She sucked harder and harder, her head bobbing up and down in my cock. Between each time my shaft went deep down her soft throat, her tongue would spin rapidly in dizzying circles around my spongy head. Her head and hand were pumping me hard, and I couldn’t take much of it any more.

“Oh fuck Ms. Neha, I’m Cumming!” I gasped, and a second later I unloaded jet after jet of hot cum into her mouth. After swallowing every last drop, she stood up, grabbed her clothes, and said “Hurry up and get dressed, the bell is about to ring,” giving me a devilish smile that made me know the best was only yet to come.

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