My Sex With Beautiful Teacher Minal Part-5

I knew she was getting orgasms after orgasms and was feeling at the top of the world, but I never wanted to give it up. I wanted Meenal Mam to have the maximum and indeed, all that she had starved for. My mind soon recollected memories from the movies I had seen and shot this idea of having a pillow under Meenal Mam’s ass, I grabbed a pillow and as she helped me, I pushed it under her ass. Now her pussy was more attractive as the light on the opposite wall shone on it, her tight, bud like anal looked delicious, I wanted it and I fell for it and quickly got to it. I played the tip of my tongue up and down her perineum the skin between pussy and anal which I’ve known is very, very sensitive. Meenal Man loved this feeling and I desperately reached my tongue for her tight anal. It tasted a little odd but sure gave her exceptional sensations making her feel, caress and squeezes her firm breasts, biting her lips tight. My cock throbbed all the way longing for Meenal Mam’s touch, it felt desperate held tight in my underwear, completely soaked in lubricants that I have been oozing out all the while. I felt like splitting my pant into two, tare my underwear and thrust my hard, erect and throbbing cock deep inside her scrumptious cunt but I never bothered for my only concern was to make Meenal Mam completely satisfied and content. I sucked, licked and inserted my tongue in and out of her warm pussy and soon started to insert my little finger up her tight anal. Meenal Mam responded to my finger and swayed her ass giving me way to insert my finger deep. It was tight and my finger struggled to find its way through so I softly inserted my finger up Meenal Mam’s hot pussy. Lubricating my finger with her love juices I quickly got my finger back to her anal and with an easy push inserted my index finger right through. I felt great as her anal gripped my finger tight, I pushed and I pulled my finger in and out of her tight anal. I realized that Meenal Mam was enjoying the feeling so I quickly inserted my thumb in. The elasticity of her anal got a lot more fragile and elastic and I knew by now she could easily accept my huge 7” long throbbing cock in her anal. I wondered how I would approach her for anal sex, but she was a lot sensible, she understood what I was trying to signal at, so pulled me over her and soon reached for my pants, she requested me to help her get rid of my pants and as I did, her hands reached for my underwear and pulled them down my thighs, Meenal Mam stared at my heavy, hot cock and with total dedication and enthusiasm, she grabbed my cock in both her hands, she massaged and she squeezed my cock and quickly turned over facing her back against the ceiling. In the mean while, in just a matter of seconds, I helped her take the dogs position. I lubricated my cock spiting over it and soon guided my cock head up and over her anal hole and pushed it hard against it. We screamed and we moaned as my thick cock found its way slowly and sturdily, we shivered and we drenched in sweat and I soon started to push and pull my ever hot, hard cock in and out of Meenal Mam’s tight anal. The pleasure we experienced was immense, yes! Simply immeasurable and as I thrust my big dick deeper and deeper Meenal Mam reached her right hand up her pussy and started to rub her vagina. I know that this is the area that extends from the vaginal opening to the cervix and that it contains glands that lubricate the vagina during arousal, intercourse, and orgasm so with my hard cock buried deep inside Meenal Mam’s anal, I reached my left hand grabbing her firm breasts and my right hands over her pussy fingering her vagina. She started oozing soon and with a sudden sigh a deep breath, she threw me over the bed. She turned around, climbed over me with my face in between her fleshy thighs making it a clear “69” and forced her pussy over my face. Holding my cock tight in her hands she swallowed my cock deep in her mouth and started to suck on it desperately. She sucked as though she has been starved from food and she sucked swallowing the whole length of my cock all the way down her throat. I had never in my life been sucked by any women nor did I ever fuck any woman in my life, this was the first time and I was feeling Ohmmmmm! I don’t know what to say. We sucked each others for at least 5 to 6 minutes and soon changed position. Meenal Mam wanted me to get down on the floor and as I did she sat on the edge of the bed, she spread her legs wide and signaled me to insert my hard and throbbing cock up her hot, wet and oozing cunt. Her cunt looked like a piece of pudding and as I neared her she held my cock, she spread the delicate walls of her cunt with her fingers and guided my cock head wanting me to push it in. her cunt was tight but with a sudden thrust and a dedicated push, my cock traveled its way to the deepest. Meenal Mam rested her back on to the bed, she lifted her legs and placed them on my shoulders and as she closed her eyes she requested me to push my cock deeper and deeper into her luscious cunt. We moaned and we whispered calling each other’s name as my big dick traveled up and down and in and out of Meenal Mam’s cunt. We shivered and we trembled, we cried and we pleaded with pleasure and soon our movement got faster and faster. I held Meenal Mam tight by her calf as I slashed my cock in and out of her. I was coming and Meenal Mam knew that we were both reaching a climax, Meenal Mam called out asking me not to come in her, she repeated all the way requesting me not to come in her, but it was too late, my mind was mesmerized totally captivated and I splashed, I ejaculated with pressure and my cock sank midst of both our warm and hot juices of love. Meenal Mam soon spread her legs wide and as she dropped them down hanging from the bed she threw her hands wide open welcoming me into her arms. I fell breathless over her soft body pressing her firm breasts over my chest and we closed our eyes breathing heavy enjoying the after math of beautiful love making. The time was ½ passed 10 and I had time until 12am so we both stretched ourselves on the bed hugging each other until we got ready for a second show. We were ready in just a matter of 15 to 20 minutes and soon we made love all over again. We met each other every day in pretence of having tuitions and our relationship lasted till Meenal Mam’s husband returned from his over seas assignment. We maintain a secret relationship even now, but we meet only on occasions. Please do comment.

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