My Sex With Beautiful Teacher Minal Part-4

Well this is something I have been waiting for. I have waited enough but never made a move for I wanted her to want me take on her breasts. Her firm breasts felt soft against my lips, they were like delicate balloons filled with jelly, and I licked her cleavage and inserted my tongue in between her two beautiful mounts. Meenal Mam moaned as she shivered feeling my mouth over her cleavage. She moaned and soon requested me to take away her bras. I pulled my hands out of her panties and quickly reached up her back and undid the hooks and pulled her bras off her hands and boy! What a sight it was……how could I explain it? I had never seen anything as magnificent as her tender, yet so firm and round boobs. My mouth watered and I soon grabbed her into my arms, we kissed like never before on the mouth and I soon ran the tip of my tongue down her neck, under her earlobes and soon reached down her bare, silky skin over her breasts. Holding her body by her waist I licked the outer circumference or her round boobs with the tip of my tongue making sure that I do not get anywhere close to her nipples. I wanted Meenal Mam to feel frustrated and want me to suck her nipples, I wanted to grab her breasts in my hands and cuddle her but then again, I wanted her to be wanting more and more. My hands moved in and around her waist, her soft ass and her delicate belly and soon felt Meenal Mam desperately wanting me to suck hard on her hard and erect berry sized nipples. She pulled my face up signaling me to suck on her nipples but instead I started to softly circle my tongue around her nipples. Meenal Mam soon started to be restless, she moaned and she finally cried out in a husky voice saying “Please Jay, Please suck on my nipples. Well! This is what I have waited for and had wanted so gripping her by her ass I pulled her closer to me. I raised my mouth and she quickly held my head pressing my mouth hard against her fully erect nipples. Meenal Mam, shivered as my tongue circled around her hard nipples and as I sucked her left nipple deep into my mouth, she grabbed my right hand and placed it over her right breast begging me to cuddle and caress it; she moaned in ecstasy and soon became vigorous. We moaned in bliss and I reached my left hand over her soft and delicate belly. Her soft belly with an average sized belly button felt like a hot bag with traces of sweat and I gently inserted my little finger down her belly button. There was a sudden jerk in her body, she whispered to me saying that she loved the way I handled her and requested me to continue doing all that I wanted to. Gradually I lowered my left hand down her lower belly and into her panty, her closely shaven pubic hair pricked against my fingers as I ran my fingers over and above her pubic bone which was a solid mount. My lips griped Meenal Mam’s nipples tight rubbing my tongue hard against it and as my right hand squeezed and cuddled her right breast, my left hand gently reached for her wet pussy. Her pussy was all wet and hot, I couldn’t wait to insert my fingers into her luscious cunt, and I felt I was dreaming but soon, I found my fingers pressed hard against her cunt as she spread her legs a little trying to accommodate my palm covering the opening of her hot cunt. Meenal Mam trembled, she shivered and she moaned, so finding her enjoying and craving for more, I reached both my hands for her panties and gently lowered it down her big ass, down her hips and all the way down her thighs and legs kneeling down in front of her. The beautiful delicate scent of her oozing pussy stoned me reaching me to the heights of lust and as Meenal Mam stood in front of me like a garden angle completely nude exposing her awesome body, I held the cheeks of her soft ass and pressed my face against her virginal area licking her pubic bone softly playing the tip of my tongue in between the pubic bone and her soft thighs. I felt electric current run up and down Meenal Mam’s sculptured body as she held my head with both her hands pressing my head hard against her pussy wanting me to suck her cunt. The musky aroma from her hot and oozing cunt increased my craving to its heights; I grabbed her ass and soon buried my face pressed against her pubic bone inserting my tongue deep licking her clitoris. Meenal Mam jerked with excitement, she pulled my face away from her pussy and helped me stand by her side, she kissed me on my mouth and holding my hands lead my way all the way upstairs and into her lavishly decorated and well arranged bed room. Reaching the room, she welcomed me with a smile and soon guided me to the bed. I stopped Meenal Mam and soon grabbed her lifting her like a baby and laid her on the bed, I stood beside her on the floor and as I admired her beautiful body she caught hold of my hands and pulled me over the bed. I couldn’t wait any longer and the eagerness to taste her delicious cunt got more intense, I spread her legs wide apart to which she never hesitated and soon keeling down in between her soft thighs I grabbed her firm breasts in both my hands and buried my face down in between her thighs. I cupped her pussy with my mouth full open and soon started to lick her erogenous zone. Meenal Mam vibrated, moaning aloud and when I started to lick her labia majora and her labia minor running the tip of my tongue softly up and down, she started to cry in ecstasy, she cried for more and I started to suck in delicately her G-spot which sized somewhere around a dime. Meenal Mam twisted and turned as I sucked in her G-spot deep twisting it between my lips, she grabbed my hair pushing my head harder over her pussy, she trembled and she gasped for breath, she threw her legs over my shoulder and over the bed spreading her legs wider and wider apart, she ran her pointed nails tearing the skin over my shoulders and she pleaded me to give her more and more.

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