My Sex With Beautiful Teacher Minal Part-2

At around 6.30pm, I reached Meenal Mam’s house while I watched the first batch students, “little kids” leave. I thanked God for I dint want those students to see me give a gift. The maid opened the door for me and as I sat waiting for Meenal Mam, the maid came up to me and said it was getting late and she needed to leave as she dint want to miss the buss. She requested me to inform Meenal Mam about her leaving and soon left. After about 5 minutes Meenal Mam came climbing down the stairs, she looked exceptionally beautiful this day dressed in a beautiful garden sari and a perfectly matching blouse. Her sari floated down her slim body partially exposing the smooth skin on the sides of her waist line and her stomach, her body swayed as she elegantly climbed down exposing her belly button and I sat there watching her with total surprise. She had styled her hair and the lipstick on her fluffy lips shown in the bright light from the chandelier. Meenal Mam looked awesome, yes! Stunning and as she neared me I pulled out the little package and extended it to her wishing a wonderful birthday. She looked surprised and with a sparkle in her eyes asked “how did you remember my birthday? I smiled not saying a word but quickly asked “are you going somewhere Mam? No she replied and before she could continue I asked if she was expecting any guest. No! She replied again asking why you ask. I smiled and I told her with total sincerity that she was always beautiful but she looked exceptionally beautiful this day and that she makes the sari look awesome dressed on her. I told her that I thought she was leaving or was expecting some guest because she was all dressed up but Meenal Mam smiled again and quietly said “you are my guest Jay, I have been expecting you, she said that I was a special student to her and being her birthday today she had dressed up and had arranged dinner for the two of us wanting to give me a surprise. Meenal Mam thanked me for the sincere compliments and the gift and she quickly opened the little package. She told me it was very sweet of me to think of her birthday, to buy her a gift and to give her this pleasant surprise, she said she appreciated my thought and that she loved what I had picked up for her. She wore the bracelet on her wrist and thanked me as I softly held her right hand and kissed her hand wishing her many, many happy returns of the day. Meenal Mam told me that there will be no classes today and quickly asked me if I was in a hurry. I told her that I was not as I had planed to go for a movie after the class and had informed my parents that I would get late. Meenal Mam looked pleased and offered me to sit in the large living room. We sat opposite to each other talking crazy subjects all the while laughing aloud. I loved every move with Meenal Mam, her actions, her laugh, her smile and the way her body responded to every word she said. I adored her and secretly admired her. Wanting me to excuse her for a minute she walked towards her kitchen and soon returned with a tray containing a small round white forest cake, a bottle of red wine and two wine glasses. I felt like I was dreaming and I looked surprised at her as she came walking towards me and placed the tray over the centre table, I looked at her with amusement and she asked “do you drink wine Jay? I told her I have had on a couple of occasions and that I loved the taste of good wine. Meenal Mam offered me the bottle of chilled red wine asking me to open it and as I did she soon lit up a candle and placed it on a corner of the cake. I filled the two glasses with wine and as I stood beside her, she cut the cake and I softly sang the song “happy birthday to you” Meenal Mam picked up a piece of cake from the tray and to my surprise raised her hands up my face and placed it in between my lips, I was shocked, truly wonderstruck and I dint know what to do but I quickly gathered my senses and picked up the remaining piece from her hand and put it in between her fluffy lips. It was an awesome feeling when my fingers lightly rubbed against her soft lips. We knocked our glasses of wine saying “cheers and as she smiled I once again wished her a happy birthday and we soon sat opposite each other. We talked a lot about her family, her husband, her daughter, my family, my parents and all about what we did to kill time. Meenal Mam was very polite and frank with an open mind and to my surprise she suddenly asked if I have had any girl friends. I replied by saying yes but told her that they were just friends. I could see a kind of curiosity build up Meenal Mam’s face and she soon said “I dint mean just ordinary friends Jay, I meant to ask if you had any girl friend that was truly attached to you. I blushed for a moment and soon replied “Mam, there was a girl I liked very much, but that dint work out and ever since I never really bothered. She looked convinced and then looking directly into my eyes, said if I could fill our glasses. It was kind of a strong wine and I was already feeling good and as I poured the second glass of wine, she asked “are you attending to any gym for work outs. I asked her why and she quickly replied “I have been noticing you from day one Jay; you have a very good physic, very muscular and attractive. Flashes of light traveled through my brain when I heard her say that she has been noticing me since day one, but remaining as normal as ever I quickly told her that I do work out at home. We sipped through our glasses of wine and Meenal Mam softly asked if I would like to listen to some soft music and before I could reply she walked down to the corner of the hall, switched on the music system and played some exotic instrumental music. Turning around to face me Meenal Mam looked at me with an intoxicating smile and walked towards me extending her hands requesting me to dance with her. I was stunt hearing her offer, I got nerves and I looked at her totally astonished, but soon gathered my guts and stood beside her making no move. Meenal Mam without any hesitation held my left hand in her right and soon placed her left hand over my right shoulder; I panicked but soon placed my right hand over her waist. Her bare, soft and tender skin felt warm under my palm and I started to feel like I was in a wonder land. Looking directly into my eyes and wearing a thin smile, Meenal Mam started to move pacing small steps, we talked in a low pitched voice all the while and soon her hand moved up my shoulders slightly brushing against the bare skin on my neck. We looked deep into each other’s eyes with gentleness and I as our voices got husky I noticed a kind of craving in Meenal Mam’s exquisite pair of eyes. I thought of adding a little pressure over my hands, placed on her waist but instead I softly moved a couple of my fingers occasionally trying to signal my willingness to hold her in my arms. We danced to the melody and soon I found Meenal Mam rest her head over my shoulder. Her firm breasts delicately pressed against my chest and I realized that I was starting to feel a kind of tingle all over my body. We swayed our body in silence, not saying a word but then, when to music came to an end, we stood still holding each other. I felt strange as Meenal Mam stood still holding on to my hands and my shoulder with her head still gently resting on my shoulder, I started to feel concerned and as we waited in utter silence, I broke the silence and asked “Is everything ok Mam?

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