Dan The College Impregnator 3

Dan was walking down a hallway at his college and he saw a poster of a pale strawberry blonde girl named Linda who was 21 years old. The sign was advertising for her re-election as the president of the student union. She posed beside a young studious black man named Leroy who was 20 years old who was the vice president of the student union and also looking to get re-elected. She also posed with a young fairskinned redhead named Trish who was the secretary for the student union who wanted to be re-elected as well. They all looked studious and nerdy. They all wore glasses. Dan went to seek out their office.

Dan stumbled upon it seeing Linda, Trish and Leroy all in the midst of having an intellectual conversation that to Dan came across as somewhat pompous and snooty sounding. Dan was immediately asked by Linda in an arrogant way why he was in their office.

Dan walked over to Leroy and hypnotised him with a marble and string and also Trish.

Linda looked bewildered and said, ‘What are you doing?’

Dan said, ‘This your day!!’

Dan ordered Trish and Leroy to grab her, take some rope in the corner of the room, and fasten her wrists over her head to a radiator. Leroy and Trish were then ordered to tie her ankles to the legs of a desk. Linda was not that strong and she demanded to be set free. Dan took pleasure in Linda’s struggling, but knew she would be barefoot and pregnant in the end.

Dan then whispered in Trishes ear and then Leroy’s.

Trish to a pair of scissors from a drawer and Linda’s eyes centred on it and said, “What are you doing with those…you are not going to cut off my clothes?”

Trish took the scissors and proceeded to cut Linda’s clothes off cutting her laces and taking her shoes off, she cut her stockings revealing pale legs and shapely pale pink soled feet. Linda gasped and looked shocked with each cutting movement of the scissors. Dan’s cock twitched and got hard…seeing this he wanted Leroy’s cum to claim her and make her pregnant. Dan glanced at Trish and wanted to claim her too with his own cum.

“What are you both doing?” Linda said with a shocked expression.

Her skirt was removed. Suddenly Leroy got nude and Linda looked wide-eyed as she looked over and saw him stroking his big black cock with his big balls bouncing with each stroke. Trish cut her panties off revealing a nice strawberry blonde bush. Her pussy was spread and licked by Trish. Linda gasped and said ‘ Stop it and stop it right now-oooHHHh AHHHHhhhHh!!!

Trish got nude revealing her nice pale body with big tits and slender build with a nice tight ass. Dan got nude and started to stroke his cock much to Linda’s horror.

All Linda had on was a black blazer and a black shirt underneath. Trish cut it all off and her bra revealing her perky tits with pink nipples.

Dan ordered Trish to lick her pussy and Leroy to pinch and lick her nipples.

Linda was about to protest but Dan put a ball gag around her face. Her whole face went red and she was overcome with powerful sensations through her body of her pussy being licked along with her sensitive nipples being licked. Linda started to moan and Leroy was ordered to stick his hard cock in Linda. Dan rubbed his hard cock fast as he looked at this black man penetrate this young pale fairskinned woman. Linda watched and loudly moaned as Leroy insert his big fat cock head through her pussy lips and pushed deep in her cunt. Leroy put his large cock deep within her pussy stretch her lips and impaling her sending shockwaves of pleasure that would be undeniable to Linda his balls resting outside her pussy. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head as Leroy caressed her nipples and proceeded to do the in and out slowly and then rapidly.

“That’s it Leroy give her your big black cock and pump her pale body with it-she wants your black seed!!!” cried Dan.

Then Dan watched Leroy and Linda fucking while Dan inserted his cock behind Trish and fucked her doggy style.

Dan was soooooo horny watching the interracial sex of a black guy he took his tension out on Trish by grabbing her ass and pumping her fast slapping her ass as he went in and out.

Dan was giving Trish short rapid strokes of her clit. He squeezed her pale ass and slapped it. He felt the tits swaying beneath back and forth and gripped Trish’s fairskinned freckled body hard as he jizzed all his cum deep inside her impregnating her with his hot sticky cum.

Leroy was pumping Linda fast and had her ankles on his shoulders her feet pointing up in the air. He then put her legs down, she had ceased to resist, Leroy fucked her from the side while putting her on her side pumping her fast in her slit. Linda looked defeated, her hands behind her back, and pale nude body totally exposed. Leroy fucked her fast and she gasped under the ball and gag. Leroy then ejaculated with a loud moan and a moaning sound from Linda who was receiving a load of potent black cum inside coating her pussy. It made Dan increasingly horny seeing Linda’s pale body dominated by Leroy and his black cock and balls being victorious claiming Linda with its black seed.

Dan then hypnotised Linda. Dan sat Trish and Linda in front of him nude and told them to keep their pregnancies. He told them to show off their bellies so everyone would know they were pregnant. Dan got Linda, Trish and Leroy to tongue kiss one another right there while they were all nude. Dan then told Leroy and the two young women to go outside.

Dan told Linda and Trish they would go out in the centre of the commons nude on all fours and while Leroy slapped both their asses they would yell out ‘Vote for us we are sluts and we love to be knocked up!!’

Dan watched with pleasure as people gathered watching these young election candidates make fools out of themselves in front of hundreds of witnesses. Dan got a rush knowing that these young women just got impregnated and were acting like exhibitionists for the whole college to see. It gave Dan great pleasure in the months to come to watch Trish and Linda’s bellies grow. It was a shock in the future especially for Linda’s parents and others to see in 9 months that her pale skinned body was claimed by black cum.

As for the elections, they were disqualified and Dan made a run to be elected.

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