My family is full of freaks

My cousin and i had the typical relationship. We never really hugged each other or said i love you to one another. One day we were at my grandmothers house. Her grandmother and my grandmother are sisters. We would always go to the basement and watch tv because it was a old house and there was nothing much to do. At that age we were both sexually curious. I had tried masturbation as every teen boy has. My cousin and i were rough housing and wrestling on the ground and i accidentally grabbed a hold of her breast. She was shocked and so was i. I didnt know what to say but i released it quickly. At that time i was ridiculously horny. So i tried grabbing it again.

The Time I Fucked My Cousin

I grew up on a 5,000 acre ranch in California. My dad worked on the ranch which had around 200 families. It was 1963.My mom stopped by my aunt's house on the way home from the hospital after visiting my dad who had recently suffered his second a stroke. It was the long Memorial Day weekend. I happened to be there visiting my cousins, four boys then three girls. I was a normal young buck teen and Norma, the oldest girl, was a couple of years younger. I had the use of a 1949 Ford coupe.As she got ready to leave she asked if Norma, the oldest girl cousin, could stay with us to keep my mom company until my dad got out of the hospital in a couple of days. My aunt told her she could and they decid...

My true untold dirty secrets

I'm hot n sexy since from my childhood. Whenever I got the chance, I never missed and made the best use of it. I had many encounters and a few of them are here. This is the first time I am narrating my true secrets, but it feels all good to me to be getting out of it before you all. First Time in 9th Grade!! The story starts when I was 18 years old and was only in the 9th grade at the time. At the beginning of the year I met a girl and we became instant friends. As the year went on we flirted back and forth tell finally I guess she could not take it anymore. One day she just kept on looking at me. After school that day she found me. She grabbed my hand and said "let's go to my house".

How I seduced my cousin

Well this is another lovely story of my sexual experience with my sexy 19 yr old cousin named Sonia (Name changed). She was very attractive, fair complexioned, about 5'5" tall and had a slim figure with great sexy curves. It all started with a visit of mine to my aunt`s place. It was winter season with unbearable cold at that time. We were all sitting in the hall inside blankets and watching TV. Sonia was sitting just next to me resting her back on my knees. I was inside blanket. I started feeling the heat of her body and it was good enough to arouse me and finally I got erected. I slowly moved my hand and placed it over her smooth thighs.

My real fun which I will never forget

I am sending another story about my encounter with Sunita my cousin's wife. She is about 30 and with a bulky body with a figure of 38 35 40. Looking at her no one can think of having sex with her. It happens that my cousin and his wife Sunita came to our house as my cousin had to go on a business trip to another place for about 20 days and for the 20 days Sunita would stay with us. Since my mother was out of town I welcome them and told my cousin that he can leave Sunita in our house. That night we three (my cousin, his wife Sunita and me) enjoyed our diner and in the next morning at around 6am my cousin leave for his business trip. We both went to our own room and sleep up to 9am.