Unintended Rendezvous

It had been a long morning. Meetings, calls, and dealing with indecisiveness. I was more than ready for a soothing cup of coffee and a few moments of peace and quiet. The familiar coffee shop was a welcome sight. I ordered my usual and found a secluded table in the corner near the window. Taking a notepad out, I decided to try to make some sense from the happenings of the morning so far. While taking a sip of my coffee, I glanced up and saw an older gentleman looking in my direction. Not wanting to seem rude, I smiled, and he returned the gesture. Passing it off as just a gesture of politeness, I went back to my task. All the while, I felt like someone was right behind me. Glancing up again, my eyes were met by those of the gentleman. Instead of smiling and looking away, I was somewhat drawn to him.

He stood and walked towards me. I could feel my pulse quicken as he approached. He introduced himself and asked if he might join me. Curious and intrigued, I could not resist such an offer and asked him to have a seat. We made small talk about what our jobs were, the weather, and other ordinary things. Repositioning himself in his seat, he leaned over, took my hand which startled me at first, then began to speak in a more serious tone.

He said, “I notice that you are wearing a wedding band and so do I. However, I find that I cannot leave without knowing more about you . It is wrong for me to suggest what I am about to, but at the moment I am throwing all caution to the wind. This is the first time in my life I have ever been spellbound by a woman. I do not know what it is about you that has captivated me so, but my soul tells me that I cannot go through life not knowing . I only know that I have to experience and discover everything there is to know about you. Something leads me to believe you feel the same. I am staying at a local hotel. I’m going to leave my card with the room number on it. If you feel the same, just knock.” At that, he slowly stood, brushed my cheek with a slight kiss, turned, and walked out the door. I was absolutely speechless. My cheek, red, with a slight hint of fire he ignited. Sitting motionless, I contemplated what he had said. Somehow I felt drawn to discover everything I could about this stranger as well. While finishing my coffee, I struggled with the morality of the situation. With the last sip, slipping through my lips, I decided that I should give in to my desires and pay a visit to room 312.

Quickly gathering my things, my steps headed quickly towards the hotel. I paused before pressing the elevator button, smiling to myself that I was about to do something totally that I wanted and desired. The event seemed to be stroking my soul as if to say, “You deserve this”. The elevator doors opened and I made my way to 312. Taking a deep breath, I knocked. The door opened and the stranger smiled, opening the door for me to enter.

As I walked through the door, everything about my life at the moment disappeared. It was as if I were stepping into a new reality. Before I got halfway across the room, he took my hand, turned me around, and began to kiss me with a hunger I had never felt before. Returning his kisses with that same hunger, our tongues began to explore each other. All I knew at the moment was he tasted delicious and I wanted more. Making our way to the bed, we carefully started to undress each other. Each piece of clothing removed revealed an area to be kissed and caressed. Needless to say, we did so with fervor. I could feel a fire igniting between my thighs. His cock began to swell and beg for attention. My hand began to caress his hardness. A slight moan of pleasure escaped his lips. My lover began to knead my nipples, making them hard and firm, begging him to explore them with his mouth and tongue which he did in such a way that wetness began to flow from between my legs.

He sensed this arousal and swiftly moved his hand to caress my swollen clit. After giving it some attention, he slipped fingers inside me. Those fingers almost made me lose all control. Suddenly, he stopped and lifted his fingers to my mouth. I sucked my juices from them and he smiled. We embraced, kissed, and he lay down on his back. I quickly moved to taste that delicious cock that was now throbbing. Gently, licking the tip, then moving to engulf him in my mouth. Sucking and moving up and down the shaft he began to moan louder. He felt wonderful in my mouth, and I showed him how much I liked it, bringing him to the verge of cumming, then stopping several times, hoping to build such an orgasm as he had never experienced before. We both caught our breath for a second and then he asked me to get on my hands and knees. I gladly got into position, anticipating the first thrust of his cock into my now dripping pussy. He did not disappoint!

His strokes were long, hard, and deep. I reached below and began to finger my clit as he pumped away. I could feel the orgasm building within. Exploding on his cock, I screamed in pleasure. I felt him swell inside me. Knowing it would not be long until he was ready to cum himself, I withdrew from him. I took his cock in my mouth and pumped it for I was hungry to feast on his delicious cum. He began to moan and his hot cum spurt onto my tongue. I devoured every drop. He moved to meet my lips and we kissed as lovers should. After a moment, we collapsed onto the bed in each other’s arms. Drifting off into a sleep we both needed to recover from the lovemaking we had done. When I awoke, my lover was holding me in his arms and caressing my hair. I smiled and told him how much I had enjoyed being with him. He returned the sentiment. He looked puzzled and I asked what was wrong. He told me that he did not want these moments of passion to end. I knew what he meant, for I knew that I wanted more as well. He told me that he traveled quite a bit for business and he often came through the area. He asked if we could begin a journey of lovers to last a lifetime. Without a second thought, I told him yes. Alas, time was slipping away too quickly.

I knew we had to part but did not want to. Slowly, we began to dress and come to the realization that it was time to go back to reality. At the door, we kissed deeply and said our goodbyes. Walking to the elevator, I felt like a new woman, passions and desires rekindled, and most of all feeling fulfilled. Calmly I drove home, trying to contain these feelings that had been awakened. My phone rang, my lover was on the other end. Again, we spoke of a wonderful afternoon and how much we looked forward to being together again. The conversation ended, and I felt a sense of loss. Arriving home, I quickly showered, but was saddened to be washing away an afternoon of heaven. My family arrived, as usual, and none the wiser. However, the memory of the afternoon would be played over in my mind in the weeks to come until my lover and I were reunited.

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