The Time I Fucked My Cousin

And My Mom

I grew up on a 5,000 acre ranch in California. My dad worked on the ranch which had around 200 families. It was 1963.

My mom stopped by my aunt’s house on the way home from the hospital after visiting my dad who had recently suffered his second a stroke. It was the long Memorial Day weekend. I happened to be there visiting my cousins, four boys then three girls. I was a normal young buck teen and Norma, the oldest girl, was a couple of years younger. I had the use of a 1949 Ford coupe.

As she got ready to leave she asked if Norma, the oldest girl cousin, could stay with us to keep my mom company until my dad got out of the hospital in a couple of days. My aunt told her she could and they decided that she would ride with me when I left.

Now Norma was a very pretty petite little thing that I had yearned to get into ever since she started to blossom. On the way home I reached over and gave her firm little breasts a squeeze. She didn’t say anything or try to stop me she just looked straight ahead with a pleased look on her face. I could tell by her expression and silence that she liked it. It was only a couple of miles. After we turned off the highway I stopped. Since it was starting to get dark I didn’t bother pulling into an orange grove.

I opened her blouse and slipped my hand under her bra and really started to feel firm little breasts. After feeling her up for a few minutes I unbuttoned my Levis and took out my now hard cock. I didn’t have to tell her to stroke me. She did it with a silly little grin. I had to stop her or cum. I told her we had better get going before my mom got worried. After we got to our wood frame farm house we got out and went inside innocently.

After watching T.V. for a respectable time I asked her if she wanted to play cards. We proceeded to my room which was on the far end of the living room and left the door open. I got the surprise of my life when I saw a 12 pack of Trojans on my bed. Mom had obviously put them there as soon as she got home. So I went ahead and closed the door, which I had intended to leave open. I felt her for awhile then whispered for her to go to the bathroom and put her robe on with nothing underneath.

When she got back I closed the door and we started where we left off, except now I opened here robe and stared in awe with a clear look at her perfect body with perky little breasts and fantastic pussy with blond pubic hair. I led her to my bed. We sat on the edge of my bed while I pulled her close and kissed her. Not a normal kiss but a deep heavy kiss. As I kissed her I felt her tight breasts I moved my hand between her legs and began fingering her pussy. We lay on the bed kissing passionately it seemed forever.

I started by kissing her now wet slit the teased her with my tongue. Then I started to really eat her. I circled her pussy lips with my tongue and then stuck my tongue deep inside her. The taste was incredible. I lapped at her cunt like any horny teen would. I felt the nub of her clit and heard her moan as I sucked it gently into my mouth.

Then I climbed on top of her as gently as I could. Took my throbbing cock in my hand and guided it to her wet pussy. As I entered her I felt her cherry break and continued until I had it deep inside her. It only took a couple of thrusts and I was ready to cum, I pulled out of her and shot hot cum all the way to her breasts. We just lay for awhile, both of us feeling wonderful. We knew this wouldn’t be the last time.

We fucked and played around every chance we got. I knew that my mom was aware of what we were doing, but we didn’t flaunt it and nothing was said.

The next mooning it was time to take Norma home. Needless to say I was really sorry to see her off. The only consolation was that we would always see each other. My mother and I both went when we took her home.

On the way home my mom started the conversation by asking me how I enjoyed Norma’s visit. A leading question to say the least. Then she said she knew that Norma had put out for me and how many rubbers did I have left?

Remember it was 1963. Next she asked if Norma had given me a blowjob. Now that nearly knocked my socks off, but I answered “No”. She said “we’ll have to fix that. That’s when she proceeded to tell me that it was normal for a boy of my age and a girl of Norma’s age to get the urges to “do it”.

Now, my mom was hot enough for men to take a second look. I had seen her naked a few times, like right after she has I had taken a bath. Her breasts were still firm and didn’t sag like most middle aged women. I had fantasized about her too, wanking at the thought of her body.

After we got home she told me something I had long suspected. My dad’s ‘member’ had been huge and he had been ‘servicing’ some of the other women on the ranch whose husbands were impotent, with her knowledge. But he had been impotent since his first stoke a couple of years ago. Now it was her turn, but she didn’t want to do it with strangers. Her thinking about Norma and I in the bedroom finally did it for her, she would rather do it with someone she had feelings for, even if it was her son.

So began a young man’s wildest dreams of getting pussy anytime he wanted!

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