The Bus Journey

I did not get a ticket on the flight. Since I wanted to be there as early as possible for the wedding preparations I booked a ticket for an overnight bus journey. Once darkness fell they put on a video. Dinner was over and things were fairly quiet in the bus. We were moving along a nice stretch of road. Being the last to book a ticket I had a seat right at the back of the luxury bus. Three hours and a couple of stops on the journey down the line I found that the last three seats were empty except for the middle aged gentleman sitting right next to me.

He had been quiet on the trip. Handsome and very well preserved for his age he was an epitome of peace and serenity. As the scenes in the video progressed, things started hotting up. There were monitors embedded into the back of each seat and headphones to listen in. My fellow back-seater was not wearing the headphone and was trying to relax and go to sleep. But he was distracted and off and on his eyes opened to take a peek at the monitor in front of him. I knew that action had also started inside the bus from some slurping sounds and faint moans that was coming from the front in between those emanating from the bus’ video. Soon Benny, the gentleman next to me started to get a bit restless. I knew the problem he would be facing. I myself was having a hard on from watching the scenes. There was nothing much we could do without compromising ourselves.

A few minutes more and I was sure I could not take it much longer. So on a gamble I took the blanket that I was carrying and spread it across our laps. Benny looked at me startled. He had a dazed look about him. I knew that only our heads would be visible from the front. And most of the people in the front were too preoccupied themselves. To say the truth I was least bothered if the others saw what I was about to do. But I did not know about the gentleman by my side. Then I put my hand on Benny’s thigh through the blanket. He tensed up but kept firm. Slowly I moved my hand to his crotch. As expected he had a raging hard on. He adjusted himself a bit so that I could easily access his pants. Slowly I unzipped it. Surprisingly he was not wearing any underwear. I started working on his pecker. It throbbed in my hand. Soon his pre cum appeared at the edge. I flicked it with my fingers and put the finger in my mouth and sucked. Benny could no longer resist himself and he too with shaking fingers began to unzip my pants. I helped him push my underwear down so that he could get at my raging member. I went slowly so that he would not cum quickly and Benny too followed suit. We sat there pumping each other’s cocks leisurely with our hand watching the film oblivious to all that was happening in front of us.

I felt I was coming to the breaking point and knew that Benny would be too. Stopping my manual ministrations of his throbbing cock I twisted around and brought my mouth down on it. In the limited space it was a difficult manoeuvre. But I managed to take almost all his member into my mouth. I started sucking at it taking it up to the base of my throat. I flicked the rim of the hole of his penis head with my tongue and then ran it down the underside of his cock. I also sucked his balls and he shivered. I barely had brought my mouth back to minister to his cock when he became stiff and was shooting a load of cum into my mouth. I swallowed as much as possible of the sticky, salty goo and allowed the rest to run down the side of my mouth into the blanket. He was startled when I had gone down on him and had let go of my dong. Now that he had shot his load I relaxed back on the seat and started working on my pecker myself. But in a jiffy Benny got back his breath and removing my hand got down on my cock himself. He was obviously not very experienced at this but what he lacked in expertise he made up in enthusiasm. A couple of unintended scrapes of his teeth on my protruding head though only provided me with more pleasure and soon I could hold back no longer. I pumped a few more times and was downloading into Benny’s mouth.

After some time he wiped off the cum off my cock tenderly with the blanket and that act brought my hard on back again. I pushed him down on the seat with his legs dangling out. Then I brought my mouth down on his in a deep kiss. It was a salty, tangy kiss with the taste of both our liquids intermingled. As my tongue invaded his mouth I took his cock in my hand which was by now hard again and he moaned a little. Our tongues were doing a dance and a battle and he too took my cock in his hand and started pumping it furiously. In a few moments we were both cumming again, this time into the blanket that we had. I took out my hand, licked it and his cock clean and zipped up Benny’s pants. Benny too followed suit and it was highly erotic to see him licking my cum from his hand. I wanted to do more things to his body, but now was not the time or place. I would find a way out to keep the relationship going. Benny was perfect material to make love to. I folded the blanket and kept it aside. Soon both of us fell into an exhausted sleep. When I woke up the bus was already in the stand. I looked around but Benny was not to be seen. I felt highly disappointed but in hindsight maybe it was God’s will as my marriage to Diana was planned for the next day.

When I walked into the church for the ceremonies a day later I was tense and nervous as any bridegroom is. Soon the bride entered with her entourage. Diana looked beautiful, like an angel on her father’s arm. In spite of myself at the glimpse of the curved of her boobs over the white bridal dress my libido started calling. It was then the priest entered from a chamber on the side came down the steps. I thought he was slightly familiar, but when he came nearer it was as though somebody had punched me in my solar plexus. The person in the robe was my old acquaintance from the bus - Benny.

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