My Dog Buster

Bisexual Woman And Her Dog

Well for starters I’m an 18 year old bisexual female. I like sex allot and am into masturbation, pee play ( no scat), incest and sex with my dog. I live with my Dad who is my lover. Let me also explain that Incest was something I chose and was not forced into. I am also on the pill and my Dad had a vasectomy to no children will be born from our relationship. We live out in the country and have lots of privacy to be nude and play our sex games. This is my first experience at sharing my sexual adventures. Everything is true except the names and all participates are of legal adult age. My sexual adventure will begin with the most recent experience and I must warn you I am a nasty slut and I use filthy language.

About a month ago I was looking at porn on the net and ran across some Beastiality porn. I found myself drawn to all the dog cock and girls having sex with dogs. Needless to say my cunt was very wet as I sat there rubbing myself and thinking nasty thoughts. The next day I started looking at Buster our black lab in ways I never imagined. I felt all warm inside and could feel my clit swell and my wetness between my legs. I watched him lick himself and rubbed myself, the spell broken by my Dad who happen to walk in and witness the act. I was not shocked due to our lust for sex but was not prepared to hear him say, ‘Oh now that’s hot’. I then confessed to him what I was feeling cause we are very honest with each other and he told me that if I wanted to explore that desire it was fine with him. By the looks of his reaction I could see it turned him on and I knew then I was going to show him how much of a slut I really am.

I first read all I could on having sex with dogs cause the last thing I wanted was to hurt the dog or him hurt me. I made some booties for his front paws so he could not claw me and spend lots of time petting him after fingering my cunt so he could smell my arousal. He is a gentle dog and has always let me touch him and never has snapped at me. I wanted everything to be right before attempting anything sexual with him but will admit I was getting very anxious and sexually aroused and wanted it so bad. Few days later Buster was outside and I happen to look out the window and notice that there was a strange dog with him. I had a good view and as I watched Buster mounted the other dog and humped away. The humping stopped and after a while he got off her and my god his cock was hanging down and it was so big. I was so excited I peed a little feeling it run down the inside of my legs and fingered myself looking at his cock and knowing I wanted it.

That night after dinner I got myself all wet and had Buster lay on my bed. I left my door open and sat there petting him for a while before rubbing his belly. He lifted his leg for me and my fingers caressed his belly and grazed his sheath. I did that a few times before applying pressure at the base of his sheath and few moments later the tip of his cock slid out. I leaned over and licked it as I kept rubbing. I felt his knot swell and more of his cock was out and I sucked and licked it. I squeezed behind his knot and sucked his cock till he cum. It did not taste bad and I cum on my fingers. I thought he had enough and laid there beside him patting him a bit then moved to get a towel I had when he moved and stuck his nose in my crotch. I opened my legs and he started licking my cunt. It felt so good that I rolled over and stuck my ass in the air for him. He licked my cunt and ass for a while then tried to mount me so I got on my hands and knees and spread my legs for him and he mounted me and tried to hump me. I had to reach back and guide his cock to my cunt and felt him push his cock into my cunt and fuck me. I whimpered as he fucked me and then felt his knot swell in my hole and I cum on his cock feeling his cum fill my hole. He stayed in me and his swollen knot made me cum again before he pulled out of me his cum dripping from my cunt and his cock. I moved under him and licked and sucked his cock a few min then let him settle down as cleaned up. He took the booties off him. He licked my face and I pet him a while before taking a shower. My first time having sex with a dog was a wonderful experience and I could not wait to share it with my Dad.

As I said in the beginning, my Dad is my lover. I use to dream of him fucking me when I was in my teens but waited till I was 18 to have sex with him. As long as I can remember nudity around our house was a normal thing. I am an only child, my mother divorced Dad years ago and gave up custody of me. I learned masturbation at an early age and during my teen years my sexual desire for my Dad grew. He is a wonderful person. He is gentle and very open minded. When I turned 18 I sort of come out of the closet sexually with my Dad. I wanted him to see how aroused he made me by letting him see me touch myself and opening my legs for him so he could see my wet cunt and swollen clit. His cock is about 7 and a half inches long erect and curves upwards and he has a wonderful foreskin. Before he ever touched me his cock would get a semi and he would go off to his room. Then one night when he did that I waited and followed him to his room and found him stroking his cock. Without a word I got on the bed with him and kissed him taking his cock in my hand and stroking it. Oh daddy it’s so big. I been wanting this for a long time and went down on him sucking his cock. He did not last long and his cum filled my mouth. I swallowed it licking his cock and kissing it. Then I told him to lick my wet cunt. He made me cum twice licking my cunt and ass and when his cock got hard again he took me, stretching my cunt open and pushing his cock deep into me. I whimpered and moaned as he fucked me telling him to fuck me harder till I cum feeling his cum fill my hole. After he held me in his arms. I knew then I was his slut. So after the dog fucked me I laid in his bed and went over every detail of that big dogs cock filling my cunt and fucking his slut while stroking his cock. Daddy wasted no time shoving his cock in my cunt hole and giving me another good fucking and after he cum in me I straddled him and peed on his cock then sucked and licked his cock. I fell asleep in curled up next to him with his cum in my cunt.

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