Housewife Dreams Ch. 2

She quickly removed her shirt, pants and thong. He pulled her down next to him on the couch. “This is mine,” he said, pulling on her nipple. “And this and this,” as he spread her legs, touching her clit, pushing a finger into her cunt. “And this,” he poked a finger at her asshole. “All mine.” He turned the T.V. off. “Spread yourself to me. Play with everything that is mine. Show me how to play with my toy.”

She spread her legs and brought her hand down between them. She spread her lips, exposing her clit and cunt. Fingering her clit, flicking and rubbing, she slid her fingers into herself. With her other hand she pulled and squeezed her tits. Her moans increased as her excitement grew. Sex fluids gushed out of her as she continued to rub, sliding her fingers back into her slit.

Her movements became hard and steady. Her breathing was shallow and frenzied. His hand closed around hers and moved it away from her thrusting body. “You’re ignoring one of my possessions,” he growled. “We haven’t spent any time there for years, but I want it back. I want to feel your tight asshole wrapped around my cock, milking my cum from me.”

Her face went pale. He could see she didn’t like the idea. “There is no discussion. My decision is made. This is mine also. I will claim it. But I said I wouldn’t hurt you. We’ll start out small. Get out the vinyl gloves and jelly, set them by the bedside, then get on your hands and knees and wait for me. I’ll be up in a few minutes.

She went to their room and prepared what he told her to prepare. She then climbed onto the bed and got on her hands and knees, buttocks sticking in the air, cheeks spread apart, asshole exposed and vulnerable. She didn’t like this idea. It had always hurt in the past. She’d always torn. But it felt so good to have him play at her ass!

She felt herself dripping at the thought of him touching her there. Soon she heard his footsteps on the stairs. Her excitement grew as he entered their room. He said nothing to her, but put on the glove and lubricated her anus. He played around the entrance for a few minutes. She swayed back and forth to his touch, moaning, her desire increasing. Slowly he applied pressure and bit by bit slid his middle finger into her relaxed asshole.

He moved it around, in and out several times, trying to stretch her opening so she would not tear. He pulled out and took the glove off. Reaching under her, he played with her drenched pussy until she came.

He allowed her to rest for a while. Then he told her to give him a blow job. She moved beside him. Laying her head on his stomach, she took him into her mouth. She sucked greedily. His taste was so good. She wanted to please him. She spent time sucking his balls, licking his shaft, flicking his head with her tongue.

Down her throat, deep long strokes. His groans told her she was pleasing her husband. He moved her into a 69 position and licked and sucked her love button. His tongue entered her cunt, lapping at juices she couldn’t control. His fingers played at her ass.

She moved against him and found herself impaled by something longer and bigger than his finger. Her cried out around his cock but he continued to massage her around the outside of her asshole, and she started to relax.

The sensation of whatever he had in her was wonderful. He moved it in and out, angling it differently now and then, stretching her anus, preparing her for him. He pushed it in deep and it seemed to hold fast. She couldn’t expel it.

She sucked hard on him. She wanted to draw him into her as deeply as she could. His hand came down hard on her buttocks as he sucked her clit then pushed his tongue inside her. A half dozen, then a dozen times, he spanked her roughly. She spasmed hard as she came on his face, buttocks stinging, ass filled with his toy.

The vibration of her moans sent waves through him, his cum shooting into her eager mouth, every last drop sucked out, until he had to order her to stop.

She lay beside him and kissed him. Her nipples were still engorged, her cunt needed more. He reached down and pulled the anal plug from her. She came again with its stimulation.

They held each other as they slept. Never before had they felt so close. Periodically through the night he would caress her breasts. She’d stroke his penis. He’d nestle his manhood against her ass between her cheeks. They slept peacefully and soundly.

Sunday morning he took up where they had left off, as though no break in time had occurred. He placed her on her hands and knees, and began playing with her asshole, relaxing her.

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