Hot Tub Kara

The Next Night After Meeting Kara...

Wow, there stood Kara in a black mini skirt, white blouse and flats. I don’t think she heard me enter the room. I slowly walk up behind her and ever so gently put my hands on the side of both her shoulders. At first she flinches because I startled her…but quickly realizes that it was me that came up from behind. Now a huge smile comes over her face as she continues to stand there with her back to me. She tilts her head slowly forward and reaches behind her head to pull her long brown hair to one side. Kara knows what is about to come as now she tilts her head to the right and I lean forward to lightly kiss her neck. A jolt of electricity fires into my lips and through my body when I touch her skin.

I am thinking…how is this happening? Kara is only 19 and I am 41. Why is she attracted to me? I had first met Kara yesterday. My head was in a daze all day from the evening we had spent together last night. I could not believe that she came back tonight to see me again.

As I continue to kiss her neck, Kara now rolls her head back to expose more of the front of her neck to my wanting lips. I continue to lick, nibble and kiss her neck as Kara releases soft moans of joy. My hands slowly caress her young arms as I slide them down her arms. My excitement grows as does my cock. I now have my hands on her hips as I continue to nibble around her neck. At this time Kara has swung her head over to the other side and moved her hair to invite my lips on her right side neck. My hands are slowly making their way back up her sides until I feel her bra through her blouse. I now reach around and cup her 34C cup breasts. Another moan of pleasure is released as I start to massage her breasts through her blouse and bra with my hands. Kara’s 19 year old breasts are firm to the touch. I can start to feel her nipples to become erect through her bra. Kara now brings her arms up and reaches behind her to grab my head as I continue to kiss her neck and massage her breasts.

The excitement has grown. Kara slowly turns around to allow my hands to slowly come off her breasts. She is now in my arms, both of her hands on either side of my face as we come together for a passionate kiss. Our tongues are hungry for each other. My hands had come to rest on her hips and I slowly start to caress them through her mini skirt. I pull her close and I know that she can feel my cock through my pants. As we continue to kiss, I move one hand around to grasp her tight 19 year old ass to keep her close to me. My other hand moves up under her arm pit where I can feel the side of her breast. Her hands have come down from my face to wrap her arms around me and keep me close to her. I am in heaven.

Our kiss breaks. We are now staring longingly in each others eyes. Her hands are now up on my shoulders as I move my hands up to start to unbutton her blouse. Kara just continues to look deeply into my eyes. Her blouse is now unbuttoned. I come in for a quick kiss as I move my hands up over her shoulders and down the back of her arms to remove her blouse. Kara willingly allows her arms to go back and her blouse falls to the floor to expose her black lacy bra. Kara moves in and unbuttons my polo shirt and quickly gets it off me and tosses it on top of her blouse.

We embrace for another passionate kiss. My hands are groping her tight ass she starts to rub and pinch my nipples. I move my hands up to unbutton her bra. Success! Our kiss separates so the bra can fall freely. Kara catches one strap with her right hand and gently tosses it on the pile. I bring my hands up on either side of her young firm breasts and push them together. What a sight! Pinkish brown, slightly puffy nipples. I am standing here with a raging hard-on and a gorgeous 19 year old topless in front of me. I hope I do not wake up as I must be dreaming!

Kara just stands there looking into my eyes. She moves closer to me, her hands now on the waist of my pants. My hands release her breasts and move down to her waist. As we continue to stare into each other’s eyes, I pull her close once again. This time both my hands go around back to unhook and unzip her mini skirt. I slide her mini skirt over her hips and down to the ground it goes. Kara is now standing there in her black cotton bikini panties. I drop to my knees. My cock is screaming to be released. I can feel the pre-cum in my briefs. I start to kiss her flat tight stomach with my hungry mouth. My hands go to work to slowly pull her panties down. Kara’s panties have now joined the mini skirt at her feet. I lift each leg to remove them and toss them over into the clothes pile.

I am now looking right at Kara’s pussy. A thing of beauty. She has brown landing strip and puffy pussy lips. I move forward to taste her. I first kiss her pussy and then slowly stick my tongue out to give Kara’s pussy a lick. Her pussy is very moist and has a nice sweet taste. Kara once again moans as she feels my tongue on her sweet spot.

Kara says “Come here”.

She pulls my head up with both hands and helps me to stand up. She quickly kisses me and goes to work on my pants. She unzips my pants and pulls them apart. I have no idea if she ripped the button off of them or not. She reaches in with her hand and grabs my blood filled cock through my briefs and gives it a squeeze. “Hhmmm” comes from Kara. She releases my cock to pull my pants all the way down. In this process she has also been able to get her hands in my briefs so they both come off at the same time. As she takes my pants down, she drops to her knees. This huge wicked smile comes across Kara’s face as she is staring at my 41 year rock hard cock. She sticks her tongue out to give my head a flick and taste my pre cum. She grabs my cock, squeezes it and gives it a stroke or two. Kara smiles again. She now engulfs my cock with her warm mouth. She gives it a couple of strokes with her mouth with great suction. Kara now releases my cock with a pop, stands up and says “Let’s jump in the hot tub!”

Here we are, both naked, both aroused and now heading to my hot tub. It is outside in back of my house. I go grab a couple of towels and we wrap them around ourselves. I turn the lights on the patio and dim them so there is just enough light to see. I will need to remove the cover and get it going. Lucky for me, my neighbors are not too nosy so it should not be an issue taking this hot sassy 19 year old girl out to the hot tub for some fun. I have trellises with plant growth that are there for this reason. I enjoy the clothing optional hut tub.

Kara and I head out. I grab a couple of bottles of water. I get the cover off and the jets turned on and before I can tell Kara it is ready…she has dropped her towel and has already jumped in. I remove my towel and climb in. My cock is not as hard as it was a few minutes ago but he was still going strong. I get comfortable in my seat of the hot tub and Kara is right there in my lap as the jets are pulsating the water. We start to kiss and my cock is back at full strength. Kara is rocking back and forth as we make out and rubbing her pussy on my cock. My hands are all over her body…from squeezing a breast to squeezing her ass to grabbing her hips to help her massage her pussy with my cock. I pull her up from the bubbling water to suck on her erect nipples. Kara’s wet hair now is thrown back with her head as she starts to moan. I am caressing one breast as I am sucking, kissing and licking the other. I go back and forth to each of her breasts as she continues to moan with pleasure.

Kara now jumps up to get out of the hot tub. She moves over to sit on a corner of the hot tub and spreads her legs wide. I know what she wants. I turn over and now I am on my knees as I come up in between her legs. Kara is a thing of beauty in the dim lighting with droplets of water all over her body and her young breasts with erect pink puffy nipples pointing to the stars. She is looking at me with that sassy smile and is calling me over with her finger as she leaning back on her other arm. Kara tells me, “I want to feel your tongue on my pussy”.

I move in and Kara moves the hand she beckoned me with to the top of my head to help guide me. My arms come up on the outside of her legs as my lips engage her pussy. My tounge starts out slowly, exploring Kara’s young old pussy. Licking her puffy lips, touching her clit, back to the lips all around her pussy. I dart it in her tight hole every now and again to get a taste of her sweet juices. Kara is still holding my head as now I make a full assult on her clit. Kara starts to moan, she drops back on her elbow, my left hand moving up to caress her right breast and erect nipple all the while her hand still has full control of head. I keep licking and sucking and homing in on Kara’s special spot. She starts to tense as she is about to unleash her orgasm. Kara’s body starts to shutter, she is pressing my head in her pussy and finally explodes into her orgasm and into my mouth. I am hoping that the rumble of the water jets is helping to cover her moans of pleasure. Her young body jerks as her orgasm subsides. The pressure on my head is released and Kara pauses a minute to catch her breath. My cock is rock hard and ready.

Kara now slides back into the water. She moves me back to my seat crawls on my lap and has the ‘Just fuck me look’. The bottom of her breasts are right at the bubbling water line. She has her arms wrapped around my neck as she is trying to mount my cock. I reach up on the side of the hot tub. Nothing…its not there. Then I remember that I failed to bring a condom out with me. I tell Kara that I need to run back inside the house to get a condom. With her eyes closed, she slowly shakes her head no. Kara is not releasing me from her hold and contiues to rub her pussy on the head of my cock. She is driving me wild! I ask Kara if she is on birth control. Her eyes open. She looks at me with a devilish smile and shakes her head no. She is rocking back and forth, back and forth rubbing my cock with her pussy, Kara is determinded and is trying to find the right angle to get my cock inside her. I keep trying to tell her that I should go get a condom but it keeps falling on deaf ears.

Kara finally gets the right angle and in I slide. She now relaxes a bit as my fat cock is now in her tight pussy. She places her forehead on mine and has her eyes lock in on mine as she continues to ride me. Her young pussy is tight on my cock as she starts to milk it. Kara starts to get frustrated as the water is preventing her from getting into a good rhythm. She stands up releasing my cock from the clutches of her pussy. She moves over to the edge, sits on the side of the hot tub with her gorgeous legs spread showing off her pussy and asks “Can that old dick take care of this young pussy?”. She moves her butt back on the deck, brings her legs up out of the water and lays back. I knew my ‘old dick’ could handle that pussy so I took that challenge.

I stand up and move over to the deck where Kara is now laying. I get out of the hot tub and grab a cushion from a lounge chair and a towel and put this under Kara. My cock is rock hard and wanting to get back inside that tight pussy. I had totally forgotten about a condom at this time. As I come up from between her legs to mount Kara, I am landing quick kisses all over her sweet, wet, young body. I stop to kiss and suck on her nipples for a moment. Kara reaches down to grab my hard cock to help guide it in her waiting pussy. The head of my cock pushes past her puffy lips as it enters her love hole. I slowly insert the rest of my fat cock as Kara is locked in on my eyes again. I can see the pleasure she is feeling in her eyes as I fill her pussy with my cock. I slowly start to fuck this gorgeous young woman.

It then hits me…no condom and no birth control. I pause in mid stroke. Kara’s look went from pleasure to startlement. I stopped to reassure her that since I was fucking her without a condom and knowing she was not on any birth control that I would pull out just before I cum. Kara did not say a word…her eyes were full of confusion. I then started my pumping motions again and soon her eyes were filled with pleasure again. Her pussy was so good. She was tight and a wonderful fit around my cock. Her warm, wet walls applied the right pressure to my cock. I started to pick up the tempo. Kara responded positively with moans with every stroke. With just a lounge chair cusion under her ass, Kara was getting fucked hard. Her head tilted back. I started to kiss her neck as I continued to pound this beautiful young woman. Kara is holding on hard to my shoulders.

She starts to say, “Give it to me, I want your cock, harder”.

I continue to stroke her pussy with my cock and I can feel the cum building up in my balls waiting to be released. Kara is in ecstasy as she starts to orgasm. This is the trigger I need. I know that I am about to blast any second so I tell Kara that I am about to cum. I am getting ready to pull out and blast all over her stomach when I feel her hands move down my back so she can get a better grip. She is joyfully gasping with every stroke. I now feel her young legs wrap aound the back of my legs just below my ass. Kara now looks me dead in the eyes and says “I want to feel your cum inside me”. I can no longer hold it.

There is no way I can pull out with the way she has me now. I start to cum….no condom, no birth control…I am blasting my cum inside this hot young woman. She is incredible! I just continue to pump my cock and cum inside her. Kara is saying “Give it to me, yes! I feel it!”. I collapse on her. We both are spent. I can feel the cum oozing from her pussy and dripping from my balls.

We laid there on our sides facing each other outside on the deck of my hot tub to recover. We just gazed into each others eyes. With my free hand I start to lightly touch her soft skin and run my hand up and down her side. Kara says, “That old dick is great”. I smile and lean over to do a quick kiss on her lips, then again, and again and again. I told Kara that it was her that brought the best out of me. My mind was racing. I just had another wonderful experience with this hot young woman, no condom and I came inside her. It was such a great feeling. But tucked away in the back of my mind was worry. We finally got up and Kara went inside to clean up as I shut down the hot tub for the night. I wont forget this night for a long time.

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