Harry Potter: A Night In With Ginny

It was a quiet day at the Burrow. Ron and Hermione were upstairs making preparations for their departure, Molly was in the kitchen making up dinner, and Harry, feeling alone, ventured out to find Ginny. He had wanted to talk to her about last year, about how he had ended their relationship briefly and coldly. He was scared that she would still be mad at him, because he knew that when she was angry, she usually started to hex people. He most vividly remembered her encounter with Malfoy on the train where she had used a shrinking charm on a very private area.

He was trying to decide between laughing at Malfoy and cringing, when he heard “Hey Harry, could you come here for a minute?” from Ginny’s room. He swallowed, and began to walk towards her room, trying without much success to forget how Malfoy now spoke two octaves higher than he had before calling her a “mudblood”. He paused at the door, shook himself, and walked in.

Her room was much different than Harry had expected. Ginny was the only girl in an entire family of boys. He had expected her room to be somewhat like Ron’s, but he was greeted by a dark pink room with red curtains, and toy pixies flying about overhead. Her bed was small, barely large enough to fit her. It was a white bed, contrasting her brown floorboards below.

“Um, hi Ginny. What’s up?” Harry said, trying to sound casual.

“Oh, nothing much. I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. 17! You’re of age now! You must be excited.” Harry was taken aback. He had completely forgotten that it was his birthday!

“Wow, eh, thanks.” He nervously muttered.

“Haha, don’t get too excited Harry” she laughed. “Well, with all the preparations for Bill’s wedding, I have just been so busy, and I wasn’t able to buy you a present in time. I had to forget the idea of giving you something physical, but I want to give you something to remember me by. Something that will make sure that you don’t go chasing after the first viela that you see,”

“Ginny, I’m going to be fighting Voldermort the whole time. I sort of doubt that I’m going to have time to chat up any viela along the way, or anyone for that matter.”

Ginny stepped in close to Harry and wrapped her arms around him. “Well” she softly whispered “that’s the silver lining I was looking for…” She softly kissed him on the cheek, then embraced him tighter, kissing him full on the lips.

Harry had no idea how long they stayed together. It could have been a few seconds or ten minutes, he didn’t care. He was swept up in the bizarre situation he was in, and he was loving every second of it.

Harry was beginning to move his hand up her torso, when he heard a loud “Oy!” from the doorway.

Harry and Ginny broke apart, and were face to face with Ron and Hermione. Ron looked at Harry like he had just been hit with a large bat, but Hermione was beaming at the two of them. Harry didn’t care what either of them looked like at the moment however. He was just angry that they were in the room at all.

After a long uncomfortable silence, Ginny said “Well, happy birthday Harry.” And with that, she left the room, making sure not to make eye contact with Ron, even though he was trying to very hard.

The rest of the day went by in boredom and annoyance. Ron lectured Harry for about twenty minutes, but all that Harry was thinking about was how much of a prat Ron was. Dinner came, and none of the four of them spoke at all. Molly tried on more than one occasion to start up a conversation with them, but it did not go anywhere, and she decided to eat in peace and silence. More than once, Harry looked up at Ginny, who was almost constantly staring at him.

Harry would find himself at times during the meal staring at her chest, only to look back up at her, embarrassed. Ginny would just smirk and wink at him, then continue to eat. Harry had a raging hard on throughout the second half of dinner and stayed seated after everyone else had left, as to not create any embarrassing conversations.

Harry tried to go to sleep that night, but all he could do was think about Ginny. He was tossing and turning for about an hour before he went downstairs to get some water.

Harry was walking down the hall to the kitchen, and stopped by Ginny’s room. He found that her door was open, so he looked in. Ginny was sitting on her bed, her knees pulled in to her chest. She was looking out her window, the pale moonlight shinning on half her face. She turned her head, and saw Harry looking at her. The two of them just stared at each other for a while, neither of them knowing what to say. Finally, Harry decided that it would be too awkward to speak at that point, muttered “‘night”, and began to walk out of her room towards the kitchen. He only made it three steps outside of her room before he saw a flash of red light, and a he felt a strange pressure in his head and lost consciousness.

Harry woke up several minutes later with two feelings. One was a terrible headache, and the other was a slightly annoying feeling on his wrists. Harry tried to rub his wrist with his other hand, but found that he couldn’t. He looked over to the right, and saw that his hands were tied to two bedposts! He turned to the other side to examine his other arm, and when he turned, he was staring face to face with Ginny. She was lying down next to him rolled in a fetal position, her head resting on his arm. Harry was about to speak, but was cut short by Ginny pressing her lips firmly against his. After a few seconds she leant back, and got up. She picked up her wand from beside her, and muttered a quick charm on the door. The door frame glowed a bright green for a fraction of a second, then went back to normal.

“We don’t want anybody to hear what we’re up to, do we?” she said, smiling with a sensual grin on her face.

Next, she aimed her wand at the bed, and said “Wingardium Leviosa!”. At that, the bed flies into the air, hovering about two feet off the ground. When Harry gives her a confused stare, she simply grins and says says “Well, what use is it to block out the sound when people will still feel the walls shake?”

Ginny climbs on the bed, and sits on Harry’s legs. “I know this may seem a bit extreme to tie you up and do all this, but I figured that this way, you wouldn’t have to go through any moral dilemmas from fucking me after we broke up. You can’t stop me,” she smiled “so you’re guilt free.”

Ginny slowly started to undo her nightshirt. After she had undone the last button, she paused for a second, smiled at Harry, and threw off her shirt. Her chest was on the small side, barely big enough for her to hold them in her hands. Her breasts, like the rest of her, were a very pale color. Her pink nipples were slightly smaller than quarters when soft, and began to shrink as they hardened into little nubs in front of Harry’s eyes.

God, Harry wished he could grab them in his hands! He needed to knead them with his fingers, twisting and pulling gently on her nipples. Ginny, guessing correctly what Harry wanted from the stares he was giving her tits, began to play with them for him. She leant forward, squeezing them together, teasing Harry, bringing them so close that they would almost brush his face, but not quite.

Ginny felt Harry’s hard shaft poking her through her shorts. She pulled off his pants, and up sprang his 8 inch member. She paused for a second to admire the object that she had hoped for since she was in her third year at Hogwarts, and then greedily swallowed it up into her mouth.

Harry didn’t even try to suppress the moan that sprang from his lips as Ginny attacked his member with her talented mouth. She looked up at him, only the head of his cock in her mouth, and she quickly moved her tongue around the underside of the tip.

She felt him begin to swell as he came close to coming and immediately withdrew her mouth from his still hard rod. She wasn’t going to end her fun that quickly. She was just getting started…

Ginny sat up, and slowly pulled her shorts off, bringing her newly shaved pussy into clear view. It looked so perfect. Not too many lips, just a smooth eager hole that needed to be filled, fast.

“Now,” Ginny said, “there are two things that I don’t want you to worry about. One: my hymen. I broke it a few years back with a dildo I found in my mums room. Two, I took a birth control pill last week, so we have nothing to worry about tonight. Are you ready?”

Oh God, Harry was way past ready! He tried to not seem over eager, and simply nodded his head, although perhaps a bit to vigorously.

Ginny laughed, and aligned herself right on top of Harry’s hard staff. She lowered herself in just past his head, and moved herself around on it for a little bit, savoring the feeling. They without warning, she collapsed her legs from the sides of the bed and fell hard on Harry’s cock.

“Fuuuuuuck…” she moaned. It was so big! Her mom’s dildo was only about five inches long, and nowhere near this thick! After getting used to his cock, Ginny began to slowly move up and down in him, teasing him, almost having him beg her to go faster. It was torture for her too, but she wanted them both to enjoy it as much as they could before the night was out.

Soon she couldn’t take the slow pace any more, and started to bounce quickly on top of Harry, squeezing her breasts as she flew up and down. She then put her hands on Harry’s shoulders and began to move back and forth on his lap, mashing her hips against his before quickly sliding back and repeating the process as fast as she could without appearing frantic.

Ginny let back her head and sighed a long sensual sigh. “oh…my…GOD!!! Harry, I could kill myself for not having done this sooner!” She began to pick up the pace again, her ass slapping up against Harry’s sack, and her tits revolving in small quick counterclockwise circles.

Soon Harry couldn’t take it any longer. “Ahhh, Ginny I’m gonna cum!”

“Mmmh, tell me right when you’re about to do it Harry” Ginny moaned. She grabbed her wand and pointed it directly at her pussy.

“Ginny, what the fuck are you about to do???” Yelled Harry. He didn’t want her tampering with his dick!

“Just trust me Harry! You almost there?”

“Ohh, SHIIIIT!!!” Harry was coming HARD inside of Ginny. As soon as she heard him yell, she muttered a short charm, and the most amazing thing happened to Harry. She put a slow motion charm on his cock, and his orgasm had slowed down to last for over a minute and a half.

The constant pulsating of his cock caused Ginny to go over the edge and cum with him. After the two finally finished, Ginny collapsed on top of Harry. She looked him in the eyes, smiled, and kissed him quickly before pushing herself back up on shaky arms.

“Gin, I don’t think you’re in any shape to keep going” Harry cautioned.

“Oh, don’t worry Harry. I’ve got it all figured out. I’m not doing anything this time.” She winks at him, then takes her wand and releases Harry from his bonds. She then turns around and puts her arse high up in the air, and her face into the mattress.

“Take me however you like, Harry. I want you to take control for a while.”

“Harry needs no further prompting. He sits up, and grabs hold of her hips, slamming his dick into her eager cunt. She lets out a loud moan as he brutally begins to thrust in and out of her.

After about five minutes of this, Harry gets curious about what Ginny’s arse would feel like. He stops pummeling her pussy and slides his dick out of her. He then puts the head of his cock right on her little rosebud, and slowly sticks the head in.

The two of them moan in unison as they experience their forbidden pleasure. Harry reaches up, grabs both of her tits, and forces his way into her back door.

Ginny shrieks out in her sudden violation. She whimpers for a moment or so before the pain leaves her, and Harry’s hard cock begins to jam in and out of her with tremendous force. Ginny can barely think straight. This new feeling is wonderful! It’s like she is a virgin all over again, and like her first time, she couldn’t make any sound other than a yell of joy even if she tried. She just lays her head down on her bed, and savors her lover fucking the living daylight out of her.

Soon her tight hole is too much for Harry. He pulls out and flings Ginny around so her head is level with his cock. He smashes her head up against his solid member and face fucks her for ten seconds before blowing his second load of the night into her mouth.

Harry sinks back onto the bed, exhausted. Ginny smiles at him, and in doing so, his cum seeps out of her mouth splashing onto her tits. She looks at it for a minute and scoops up his seed and sucks it back into her mouth and swallows it eagerly.

“Gin, that was amazing” panted Harry. “We’ve got to do this again before I leave”

“Oh, don’t worry Harry” she said smiling. “You and I are going to have a lot of fun before your stay is out.”

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