Cindy Meets Her Net Friends

A Year Of Fantasy And Picture Exchanges Lead To Real Fun

The net is a 10 lane information superhighway. To the right, 9 lanes of bumper to bumper traffic towards: “Sex and porn.” To the left, one lane with only a couple of cars on it says: “Education and scientific research.” Cindy and I were mostly in the traffic jam on the right.

On the net, we found more couples and singles in minutes to meet for sexual encounters, than we could in a year in clubs and bars. You could have three or four party circuits going on at the same time. One for couples only, another a free for all of singles and couples with few or no rules. Others were reserved for big black cocks, where one or more (usually more) black guys with unusually large cocks penetrated white women for the pleasure of both the wives and usually the husband who got to watch. As well as being for the pleasure of the guys with the big black cocks of course. Cindy did the big black cock thing a few times, although for her it was more of a side dish than a main course.

People lied on the net. The short, the fat, the old, the bald men became young, tall and beautiful or a woman. Your cock was any size you wanted to pretend it was with pictures to “prove” it. Swinger couples described themselves with pictures 10 years old and 50 pounds ago. A “couple” might be a guy trying and failing to get his wife into swinging, and hoping that if we got together, we could talk her into it, seduce her.

In addition to our “couples” profile, Cindy had one as the sexy babe who liked to fuck and suck cock. She taped a web cam to the PC and sent pictures to guys who were trying to befriend her. At first, they were PG with the blouse unbuttoned a bit, then more than a bit, then finally, the entire uncovered tit(s) and perky erect nipple(s) accompanied the pic of her smiling face.

As she gained more confidence about the net and the truthfulness of the guys she was dealing with, coupled with repeated requests and begging, from her gentleman e-friends, and another glass or two of wine, she got bolder. She would step away from the screen, open up her robe, and start removing her panties, slowly revealing her tighly cropped well manicured pussy then the lips parted by her fingers, her clit becoming more distinct and prominent as she rubbed it with one or two fingers on those short videos and the opening of her vagina clear, welcoming and wet. Occasionally, she might insert a very realistic plastic cock into herself for the excitement of her friends.A lot of the keyboards of the guys she was chatting with were no doubt sticky to the touch. Cindy knew that, liked it, had fun with it and the tease. New models of cams, with better resolution, kept coming out. If she didn’t buy them, I would. I would get as excited about watching the pics and videos she had sent out, as the recipients had.

In return, her email box was stuffed with photos or short videos of cocks, usually close ups. There were erect cocks, flaccid cocks, cocks half buried in cunts, asses, and mouths, cocks nestled between a pair of tits, cocks getting stroked, and cocks ejaculating onto and into every imagineable surface or hole of a woman’s body. There were long cocks, and thick cocks and cocks with tape measures, or beer cans next to them, designed to show how big they were. But, she would rarely respond unless there was a photo of the guy’s face and the rest of his body and he took the time to write about how much he enjoyed Cindy’s pictures and videos, and how excited he was that she loved sucking cock, having a guy cum in her mouth and really enjoyed swallowing. Cindy was proud of the fullness of her pussy lips, and I made sure her pictures showed that. She liked it when the guy commented on them.

From time to time Cindy suggested adding one or two of the single guys she had been chatting with on the net to the mix of couples parties, but there often seemed to be at least one couple, usually the guy half of one couple, that objected and felt threatened so it didn’t happen all that often. Still from time to time, one or more of her e friends had gotten a chance to fuck her or get sucked off by her just the way she described in her very explicit profile.

Then, one day Cindy simply said: “I have been chatting with a group of guys for up to a year, exchanging sexy chat, and nudie pictures, and slutty little videos, but generally it’s been nothing but a tease for most of them. I would like to have a party, and invite some of the ones I haven;t been able to meet up with, lets say a dozen. I would be the only woman.” In saying that, she didn’t specifically say she was going to do anything sexual with them. But, I knew they weren’t just coming over for a meet and greet, a beer and some cheese and crackers.. They would be coming over to fuck her, stick their cocks into that pussy they had seen so many times on video and in pictures. And, they would get to stick their cocks in her mouth, the one with the cute teasing smile. They had read her profile probably over and over about how she liked cum, licked cum off cocks, and swallowed it as it came spurting out. They had often chatted with her about that, had fantasized about it, and maybe had fucked their wives while thinking about it. Finally they would get to experience it.

“OK” I said, really not knowing what to say.

After a couple of years of marriage, I had become aware that her love of cock was not some teen thing she would grow out of. It had continued after marriage from stroking them at parties or in a pool, then later inserting them in her eager pussy or waiting mouth at swinger clubs, group fucks and sucks, and interesting adventures, like this one. Luckily, I had learned to get turned on from watching her or even imagining what she was doing, had done or was thinking of doing… So really, when she decided she wanted to be the hostess and recipient of a fucknsuckathon, “OK” was the only thing I could come up with. Well, actually I came up with an erection too and a bunch of great visuals. I disrobed her and fucked her.

I asked her if she really wanted to fuck a dozen guys at one party and suck on their cocks.

As she smiled and said: “Yes!”. I came. The wetness inside her said it all.

She took her time selecting the chosen few then wasted no time emailing the winners.

After a year of games, fantasies, and exchanging photos of each other’s private parts, she was enthused by their responses.

She had fantasized about being blindfolded, naked and tied to the bed with each man allowed to do what he wished, have his way with her. It was one of those things she had always wanted. However, she preferred to be an active participant, so she settled on wearing a long translucent cotton wrap. Her top was a bolero of the same material where the slightest turn or twist bared one or both nipples. It seemed like a lot of trouble just to flash her tits and pussy since they were easily visible through the loosely knited thin cotton anyway. Besides, she would soon be totally naked and the guys would be touching, licking, kissing, fucking and squirting cum all over and in those places. But, it was her party.

And now it was party time. We sat by the pool and had drinks. At 8 ish the doorbell rang. For all she had done in her past, opening that door semi nude in her outfit caused her to feel a bit self conscious. I think she was blushing. But, after the first couple guests, and another glass of wine, it got easier. By the time the last guest arrived, the bolero was off and the waist band on the long flowing skirt had loosened enough so that she didnt even need to walk around to display her nude, closely cropped pussy with reddish warm protruding lips..

At 8:15, after some small talk, she picked one of the guys sitting around the pool gazebo, stood him up, pulled down and helped remove his pants and undershorts. She started by fondling his butt, thighs, and balls with her hands while kissing and licking his cock. She sat him back down, knelt, and now wrapping her lips around his fast growing cock, she took as much of it into her mouth as possible, slowly. As much as she was giving him a blow job, she was also putting on a show for the rest of the guys and me. Her medium long hair had been pulled back. Whatever her lips were doing to his cock could be seen by everyone.

She went slowly at times only moving one hand, then two as he was growing more than I thought he would. Her tongue and lips worked the head. I guess, at first, he may not have been used to getting his cock sucked on with an audience of a dozen or so other guys watching and by now some of them were more than just touching themselves. Still, he seemed to get used to it, relaxed, undid his shirt and bared his chest and belly to make sure he could visually enjoy what everyone else was seeing and what his cock was feeling. He had also bared his chest and belly preferring to send the stream of cum that was getting ready to erupt on his skin and not his shirt. At that moment, he had forgotten that Cindy had no plans of allowing his cum to stream acrosss his skin. She had told him that in emails, but, I can understand how he may have forgotten. Cindy made sure he got a great view of her lips moving up and down his shaft, at times taking the whole thing in, at other times just licking the tip and stroking the rest with her hand.

He lost himself in the moment and soon he was tensing up, breathing harder and all of a sudden held his breath as he exploded in spurting cum as if he had saved it for a month. Conscious of her audience and the things she had tantalized them with in e chat, Cindy allowed it all to flow into her mouth, conspicuously swallowing much of it, then allowed the next round of ejaculation to shoot onto her face. Then, tongue extended, flicking the head, eyes open, looking at him, the other guys, and me, she squeezed out the final spasms with long slow steady strokes of her hand onto her tits. With one hand still working his cock, she made sure that the every last drop had made it out. She swirled the strings of milky pearls onto her tits, especially the one dripping from her nipple, with her fingers and sucked on them.

The other guys would have cum right there had they not remembered to save themselves for their turn. She had a sip of her pinot grigio, the wine she always thought went so well with cum. She excused herself for a little cleanup work.

Within a few minutes, she came back out onto the pool deck totally nude, except for the gold high heel shoes, lipstick reapplied, tits and face cleaned of the shiny stains. She walked up to the group with a smile, self assurance and bravado that is difficult enough just being nude, but even more challenging when you have sucked a cock to a spectacular orgasm and cum swallow in front of the whole crowd and her husband. All eyes were focused on her but she had totally lost that self conscious blush she had while wearing a translucent outfit to the door. She looked around and seeing the guy with what probably was the biggest cock, took him by the hand and told him and the rest of us that it was now her pussy’s turn and walked him off into the bedroom. A couple of guys followed to watch or hopefully join in.

For most of the next few hours there was a cock in her mouth, in her pussy or both. There were even a couple of guys willing to go down on her, tongueing her clit to an O for her while trying to avoid too much contact with the cum streaking around her pussy or slowly oozing from inside her.

Now closing in on midnight, with the outfit back on, her hair loose once again and brushed, her dark red “blow job” lipstick reapplied, she was escorting the last guest out… He at first, like some others, seemed a little reticent about kissing her on the lips, knowing and having seen where those lips had been and what was on them for the past few hours. But he finally gave her a big kiss with tongue, before smiling and saying something like: “I look forward to doing this again.” followed by something quite complimentary about her, her body, her pussy, her lips and how he and his cock felt.

Cindy almost blushed as she thanked him, and said: “See you soon.”

As she closed the door, she turned to me, smiled and said: “ WOW! That was fun… you ok with everything?”

“Yup” I said, knowing it was now my turn. As much as she had showered and cleaned, her inside upper thighs were once again glistening and sticky from the cum that was still coming out of her and that there would still be that unmistakeable feel and aroma of cum mixed with pussy juices when I stuck my cock inside her.

After I finished, she sat with me for a few minutes, had another of those famous pinots, and entertained me with some of the details I had missed. I really hadn’t missed much, but it was fun hearing her version of what I had seen and matching them to the visions dancing in my head, while stroking myself up for a second round.

It seemed to be a good time to ask about this: “soon” thing I was sure she told the last guest.

She said: “Oh that”, she stopped and smiled before continuing: “I was talking to Trish and Jennie last week and if it went well tonight, they were thinking of the three of us could do another one of these with maybe 15-20 guys… I think it went really well, what do you think?”

“I think we could get 20, the ten guys from tonight would all come back” she added.

“I bet they would”. I said. “I take it you did mention it to them”…

“Sorta” she replied, “ and there are others who wanted to but couldn’t come tonight”

“So Walt and Gary knew about tonight and they are ok with you, Trish and Jennie doing one of these parties?”

“Yup!… the guys had wanted to come tonight.” she said.

“They wanted to come tonight to fuck you… not to watch their wives getting fucked by a dozen guys” I added.

“Both, you like both. Besides they have fucked me before and dont need to stand in a long line to fuck me again.”

She winked.

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