Hetero Sex Stories

It's A Wonderful Wife

Sitting completely naked on her bed and playing with her 20-year old neatly trimmed pussy, Bridget was so pre-occupied with watching porn and finger fucking herself that she did not hear the bedroom door open. "What the fuck!" exclaimed Dewayne, as he watched his wife's beautifully tanned body turn to fire engine red in seconds with embarrassment. "Let me explain," Bridget stammered with tears in her eyes. "You don't need to explain anything. You working nights and me days has really put a strain on our marriage. I should apologize to you for violating your privacy. I'm sorry. Forgive me.""What the hell are you doing home anyway?" she asked as she put on a teddy.

Mowing The Lawn

It was a very hot day in mid-August and I was mowing my lawn, usually I would wait for a cooler day but work had me so busy I had to do it when I could and today was it, hot or not. Now I have an extremely large yard and have a good sized rider that I use. I had stopped several times to drink a beer or two and in the process of sweating my ass off; I had removed my shirt and my jean shorts trying to get as much surface exposed to the slight breeze if there was any. So I was riding the mower with just a pair of thin gym shorts on. Tiffany was a neighbor girl that lived up the road from me. She always came around whenever she heard the mower or saw me outside, she had for years.

Sex Story

Donna had told me it was a pool party and to just wear a bikini so I did. When we arrived it wasn't long before she strolled over to cilon and I wearing a very skimpy one. Donna took us both by the hand and walked us around meeting different people, some which were already familiar. As we walked outside we noticed a lot of people were already by the pool, some of them laughing and swimming and others already naked and fucking! I decided to get into the swing of the night straight away so I dropped to my knees in front of colin and pulled his shorts straight down. His cock was limp but I knew it wouldn't be for long. I moved closer and took him fully in my mouth.

South Dakota Sioux Indian

I fell in love with Rapid City, South Dakota while I was visiting Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial, and Wild Bill Hickok's grave in Deadwood. I had won enough money to finance that trip on a hand of poker with aces and eights, like Wild Bill had when he was shot in the back of the head. While I was in the area I decided that I could run my Internet business just as easily from there as I could from my hometown, so I moved. As a sideline I went looking for someone who made Black Hills Gold jewelry that I could buy cheap and sell high. Well apparently that had been done to death because I couldn't find any available source.

Formula 21B

When Jim went through his new apartment, he found several boxes left by the previous residents. He shook his head, knowing that they only represented even more work. As if moving all of his belongings alone wasn't enough work on its own. He stacked the boxes in a secluded corner of the living room and promised himself he would deal with them after he had finished moving in. A week later, Jim finally found the time to sort through the boxes left behind. The first two contained random objects that seemed to have little in common. Some books on varied subjects, packing tape, a metal rod. He could see why the previous occupant left the boxes here, they were full of junk.

Fillmore Girls

It started as a typical Friday night for the Gilmore Girls: they had ordered pizza, rented one of their favourite movies, and Rory's boyfriend Dean was over to join them in their fun. Dean had been to enough of these Friday-Movie-nights to know that their favourite movies were ones that were easy to make fun of. Tonight was no exception, with the showing of "Plan 9 from Outer Space", generally accepted as one of the worst movies of all time. But, the badness of the movie determined the degree of fun to be had at the Gilmore house: the worse the movie is the more snide comments can be made about.

VIP Chauffeur

I was just back from my two year stint with the Army Rangers in Afhganistan. My best friend had the good fortune to have started a limousine company a few years earlier and had built it into a very successful enterprise. He was quick to give me a job and I soon rose to the top of the list of drivers. I got the best jobs and my pick of the jobs. He approached me this one day and said he had landed a brand new account and wanted me to take the first job. He thought the new client would be a very good tipper. The first job was to be earl Friday night. I was scheduled to pick up an individual at the downtown Ritz Carlton. Off I went.

Crystals Little Drunk Night

On Saturday evening in may we were sitting out on the porch and Crystal asked me "what are we gonna do tonight?" " I don't know. I thought we would just hang out at the house and watch tv and have a few drinks." It wasn't long before the sunset and we went inside and picked out a movie. Now let me tell ya a little about Crystal and myself also our relationship. Crystal and I both are 25 at this time and roommates due to slow down at work I had to save money and move in with her. She is about 5'11 and has some amazing curves not the biggest breast in the world but they have to be the perkiest I had ever seen. They must have been small c's.

Her Cheating Husband

I had listened to Cheryl complain about her cheating husband almost every night at work. We both worked the night shift as security guards. Cheryl was a pretty woman of thirty-six. That was her bra size too because we used to joke about that and the fact that her husband always called her Double-D. I was sixty-two years old and thinking about retirement, my wife left me years ago, and I found Cheryl to be very attractive. She sure filled out her uniform. I liked the way her shirt gapped between the buttons across her breasts. I enjoyed seeing glimpses of her colored bras. Most of her bras were lacy and looked really pretty from what I was could see.

Empathic Twins

Lying naked on her bed, Debbie Reed wondered why she felt so good. It wasn't her birthday, she didn't have a date with a gorgeous hunk of a guy, and she hadn't just aced a test at school. In fact, there was no reason in particular for her to feel this way. She just did.Ever since Tina Coleman had arrived that afternoon to study with her twin brother Paul, Debbie had felt a warm glow inside her, as if the girl's presence made the whole world seem right. That feeling had been building all afternoon as the two classmates studied in the next room, and now it had intensified to an almost physical sensation.It was a familiar feeling; every time Paul and Debbie spent time with Tina...