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05 Incest Beach - Mom & son's bisexual fantasies come to life

I woke up from my nap to find my mom caressing my chest and fondling my cock and balls.I was very content...content to be pretending that my mom was my (older) girlfriend, content that she was OK with this, the sun was shining, the waves were hitting the beach below, strangers invited themselves to have sex with us...content? Damn I was thrilled.Tina walked in through the sliding glass doors, wearing a bright, blue bikini top and a matching floral print wrap-around skirt."I hate to disturb you two," said Tina, "but Patti would like to see you, Brenda." Mom sat up -- her comfort with her nakedness was actually a turn on.

04 Incest Beach

"And I remembered what Tina had said, "Doesn't your mother suck cock like a slut?"'My mother'....uh oh..."I was stunned, my heart racing as much from my orgasm as from being found out - but how had she found out? How could I explain this away? I didn't have a chance to - Tina moved down in front of the couch, and wrapped my mom in her arms.Mom was still semi-curled up on the couch, her head in my lap, not looking at me. Jerry's hands were caressing and probing her ass, and between her thighs.Tina said, "Brenda, do you want to be fucked?""Yes," mom said, not quiet, but not wantonly, either."Jerry has a nice cock," Tina said, "and you're going to love it. Do you want to make Jerry's cock hard ...

03 Incest Beach

Dinner that night was uneventful. The food was fantastic, the service was exemplary, but it was just a relaxing meal. We met a lot of people. A few made a very nice impression on me, very funny and attractive folks. I met some women from what I found out was the 'singles villa' who offered to take me sailing.We had an after-dinner drink on a veranda, watching the sunset. It was postcard perfect.I looked for Mari but didn't see here, and when mom said she was tired from the long day of travel, I said I was too, and we head back to our villa.The path was lit, but not brightly. It was still very dark. Mom stumbled just a bit and I reached out and offered her my hand, and she took it.

02 Incest Beach - Son catches mom masturbating and joins in

The flight to St. Thomas took us through Puerto Rico, and then onto a sea-plane for the trip to St. Thomas. It was exciting, very "Indiana Jones." It took off from the piers, near where the big cruise ships are docked.As we passed by in the cab from the airport to the sea-plane, mom said, "That's what I'd like someday, kiddo. A long cruise on one of those. Do you know they have all-you-can eat buffets all day long, and an all-chocolate buffet at midnight? Stewards to pamper you...""OK," I said, "next year for your birthday, you can have a cruise." Mom slapped me playfully on the arm.The sea-plane landed in the marina in St. Thomas. We could see several very long yachts, and many sailboats, a...

01 Incest Beach

Three weeks prior to being dumped by my girlfriend, Cindy, I had purchased anon-refundable package for two at the Lost Beach resort on St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. I was really looking forward to going on this trip with her - she was a "big boned" girl with lots of soft curves, and she really got me hot, but she was somewhat hesitant in the bedroom. I noticed that she loved to sunbathe, and showed quite a bit of skin when she did - not so shy then. I hoped that the warm, Caribbean sun would bring her out of her shell a little bit. That is, I had hoped that spending most of the day on the beach nearly naked, in a string bikini, would make her warmed up at night. Or in the morning.

Masters Unannounced Visit

The sound of two bodies slapping together was unmistakable as i approached my own dorm room. Clearly, my roommate was having fun again, and since i could not hear her, she was most likely gagged. i was a bit envious, and not just because my meeting had run much longer than expected. If she was gagged while having sex, then it likely meant that our Master was in town again. As softly as possible, i slipped my key into the lock, and soon had the door open just enough to slip through and close without making any noise.

Dirty, Funky, Nasty

I'm sitting here at this dinner party with my man trying to keep under control. Being a nymphomaniac in a room full of men is testing my will to it's limits. I may look like the picture perfect wife to everyone here but between my legs is a whore's pussy and it's wet and ready for each and every man in here tonight. The smile on my face is rehearsed and my reserved nature is a decoy no one here knows that I want to suck and fuck all of them to within an inch of their life. Tawni the hostess for the evening hands me a drink and while she's looking at me I smile politely and uncross my legs flashing her man a glimpse of my shaved pussy.

Sally's River Gangbang

My wife Sally and I have been active all of our lives. We both enjoy hiking, skiing, swimming, and other outdoor activities. This did not change once we each hit 50. The one thing we did notice was that many of our friends began to slack off on their activities as they got older, particularly the wives. On our various expeditions we would either be accompanied by younger friends or older male friends who had left their wives behind. This was what happened on a canoe trip last year. After careful research, two friends and I chose a section of the Green River where it runs through a particularly scenic canyon in Utah.

Lisa, Jackie & The Headmaster

Lisa and Jackie are in school but have skipped their lesson. Their school uniform is short skirt with knee socks and white blouse shirts, both girls have their long hair in pigtails. The girls are behind a shed smoking when the teacher catches them. "Lisa & Jackie report to the Headmasters Office NOW". The giggling schoolgirls are frogmarched to the Headmasters office, they are laughing and pissing around thinking it is all a joke but the Headmaster is stern and strict and will take no nonsense from naughty schoolgirls. The door knocks and the naughty girls walk in. Sir is sitting behind a big wooden desk dressed in a sharp suit.

What a good time

"I want to suck your cock all sloppy and get it all wet to slip it in my tight pussy," is a text i recieved from my girlfriend one day. Me being a very sexual person i respond to this text with a long description of what i wanted to do to her. "I want you to come here and take off all your clothes. I wanna bend you over and eat your pussy from behind. Licking your pussy up to your sweaty asshole. Fingering your pussy and ass at the same time. Then i want to put my cock in your mouth and fuck your mouth. After that i want to bend you over again and fuck your pussy hard and fast just how you like it as i put my finger in your ass.