Hetero Sex Stories

1st Surrender: One Dark Night

The bass from the speakers shook the table, splashing her Pepsi onto its already sticky surface "Damn it!" She sighed as she scooted her chair back and grabbed some napkins to mop up the mess."What's wrong Star?" Her friend Jess yelled over the tunes, "You just don't seem all here tonight. So spill girl."Star sighed, "I don't know honey, just kinda off tonight, I think I'm gonna call it a night." Jess shook her head, "I finally get you out of the house for the first time in a month, get you into that miniskirt and hooker heels and you're going bail on me? Girl you've got a line of guys halfway across the room begging to dance with you. What's going on with you lately, what are you hiding?"

1st Surrender - 2 Weeks Later

"This is DJ Starlight, signing off for the night, and wishing all out listeners the darkest dreams, until we meet again." She closed her laptop and sat back with a smile. She turned to look at the clock. "Wow and only midnight, yeah midnight on a Friday night and I'm home alone with only my cat to keep me company. Damn I need a life." She laughed and stroked the kitten who sat purring on her lap.She was just about to stand up when the lights went out. She froze "Oh god, not again." She thought. It had been two weeks since she woke to find the note that read "Until we meet again." The four words that had become her catch phrase for her night time radio shows. Two weeks since the night she surrendered herself to a man for the first time in her life.

1st Surrender: She Gives Herself To Him Completely

As she stepped into the room, darkness engulfed her, black velvet darkness without a hint of light. She move into the shadows, carefully making her way across the room, laying her coat on the chair as she reached for the lamp, needing the light to chase away the shadows. "Where is that switch?" She wondered aloud, running her hand over the nightstand top, a low growl of frustration crossing her lips. "Ha found it!" She clicked the light and sighed when nothing happened. "Crap blown again, I have really got to get a new lamp tomorrow." She shrugs and turns to head back to living room when a small sound echoes through the room. She stops dead in her tracks and looks around, trying to detect what made the sound.

Aunt Debauchery

Aunt Debauchery - The Flipside to Summer at Aunt Sylvia's I smiled as I replaced the phone back in its cradle. I'd just finished speaking to my sister who had pretty much begged me to have my nephew to stay for a few weeks. By all accounts he had been driving his parents up the wall with the usual adolescent behaviour. Far from feeling put upon I gladly accepted, after all it's not like I had much else to fill my days with.

Summer at Aunt Sylvia's

Summer at Aunt Sylvia'sIt was the summer holidays and having bummed around the house long enough to irritate my Mother I was packed off to go and stay with my Aunt Sylvia for a few weeks. I wasn't particularly bothered by this, most of my college friends were away on holiday and I'd grown bored of lazing around the house and getting nagged at. Besides, my Aunt and Uncle were well off and lived in a house that was way too big for just the two of them to rattle around in. After a rather tedious train journey on a sweaty, packed train I finally arrived at the station to be greeted by my Aunt waving enthusiastically at me.

Desire on the Dance Floor

House music is overpowering me with its throbbing beat, the flashing lights and lasers disorientate me forcing me to squint against their glare. The place seems really full tonight; the dance floor is packed with clubbers and revelers. My head is spinning; I curse myself for drinking way too much Vodka knowing I've gone way over my limit. That coupled with the ecstasy pills we necked earlier in the night... Well I'm feeling pretty smashed to put it mildly. I've lost my friends in the thrum of the crowds around me and I panic a little inside as I realise I can't see them anywhere.

A Birthday Surprise

I pulled the note out of my pocket and read it again. Kendra, I'm sorry that I've hurt you. What we had was great. But, we both know that it's time to move on. I hope that someday you can look back on this and not hate me. M That was the tenth time that I've read the note this past month. Each time I read the note, there were less tears and more anger. I worked my ass off at the Sugar Shack for low wages and crappy tips. To make matters worse, I had come home to find Mike fucking Amber, the slut from down the hall. That night, I had closed the diner early. With the new restaurant across the street sucking up all their customers, there was no need to stay open late anymore.

Silverpanties in the bathroom

'That was a good evening' I said as we threw ourselves down on the bed. We had been for a few drinks with some friends in a local bar. I grabbed hold of Golden and gave her a kiss on the lips to which she happily responded cheekily slipping her tongue in and out of my mouth. We started to pull each others clothes off and it wasn't long before we were both naked on the bed, me with my dick bolt hard with excitement at the obvious sexual playfulness in Golden's manner.

Sexy Sister In Law

My sister-in-law was visiting Tim and I for two weeks. Jean is a truly gorgeous woman. I've always been in awe of her. She is one of those multitalented people who seems to do everything with verve, flair, and in her case - talent, in everything she sets her mind to. She's an ex model who has her own modeling school. She paints beautifully, is a talented musician, and ex ball room dancing teacher. Her taste in clothes is impeccable, and she's a wonderful cook on top of that. To top all that off, she is a wonderful person. Tim's an electrical engineer and got called out of town on an emergency. He was gone a week, so Jean and I talked and got to know each other very well.

06 Incest Beach

We slipped on our bathing suits -- I was so hard, and it was obvious."Don't worry," said Tina, noticing. "You'll be taken care of. I assure you."She and Jerry walked hand-in-hand out to the path, and I followed. The sun was settling on the horizon, sinking into the water. The colors in the sky as the sun set were amazing - reds and purples. We wandered down the path, some other couples and singles ahead of us, and behind us.It was a bit of a walk, we passed several of the resort beaches, where I had already been. Finally, we came toward the end of the path; it was narrower, with leafy plants curved over it. There was a sign which said, "Welcome to Lost Beach" and two large, muscular guys...