Hetero Sex Stories

Debbie Do Part Two

When I arrived home that evening I had forgotten that Rene was going to be there. Rene was familiar with the hours my job had me keep so no questions were asked. However I had to be mindful that Debbie's saliva and my come may still be obvious on my dick so it was time to be proactive. Rene was the complete opposite of Debbie. Five foot nine, with a shapely large heart shaped ass, and small perfectly formed tits with nipples that became very long and erect with the slightest attention. She rose from her chair and said, "Long day huh. Let me fix you a drink." As she walked to the bar I saw my chance. Rene had showered and was wearing my light blue robe.

A hard ride on a train journey.

Hi I am Suzie; I have just turned nineteen, and am taking my first holiday on my own. I am travelling Europe by train and having the time of my life, an adventure in so many different ways. I would like to share with you one such adventure an encounter on a train travelling though Germany one a hot summer's night. I had the carriage to my self, and given the sweltering temperature; I had stripped down to my undies to sleep. I managed to sleep for a couple of hours when I was awoken by the some very heavy breathing. Slowly coming too I realised I was now sharing the carriage with two teens about my age. The boy was clearly having a very erotic dream; his cock had extended beyond his boxers and...


I was at the club a few weeks ago, it was a well milded night, had on some light blue jeans and my favorite yellow and white V-neck. I was with my crew Tyshawn, Jay, Sean, and Big Ben. Don't know why his names "BIG BEN" he's only 5'5 and look to weigh no more than 125 pounds. But he held that name as if he was 6'5 and weighed 325. That was my crew, my boys, my gang, we've been running the streets since '98 and we still doing it big 2011. It's a little early, say about 12 0'clock midnight and they got Wayne blasting, all the chicks and dudes are breaking up the floor, except for me, I'm at the bar sipping on some rum and coke, my usual.

Debbie Do 1 / Prologue

Debbie was my go to girl at the office. When I needed a session booked, she was the one who could do it. Even better, she would lean over at her desk revealing cleavage that went all the way from Chicago to Cleveland, She was that special kind of woman. Five foot two, with 38DD breasts always barely restrained in a low cut fashion. My eyes always wavered between her large brown eyes and incredible tits. Debbie knew it. She kept her black hair cropped short so as to never obstruct the view with distracting tresses that would thwart admiration of her magnificent breasts.

Rough Hands

Mmmmm, yes I've got a thing for a working mans hands. All rough and callused, sliding over my soft skin. Especially on my neck. Starting at the back of my neck, sliding around to the front. His hand gripping my throat, softly applying just a little pressure. His work roughened hands scraping my skin. His thumb on my jugular , the rough callouses biting into the sensitive flesh.  His other hand sliding down my chest, fingers spread. I feel each callous as it grazes my skin, leaving a trail of goose bumps. Shivers of pleasure course down my spine.  His hand on my throat still, he tip my head back and kiss along my jaw till he reach my lips.

Stumbled Upon

What I am about to share with you is one of the most significant events in my life. So I think I should tell you a little about myself. I am one of the youngest students in my year and my [redacted]th birthday was only a few months ago. I am considered bright and introverted, however, I am not in the least shy about my body, and my family is Naturist by inclination, and we spend as much time as possible naked. By the way, my name is Jamie. I did well in my GSCE's and to reward me, they decided to take me on my first Naturist holiday.

I fucked my sister

One eveing sis stopped by she was out shopping at the dept stores by me and decided to stop by,she pretty hot,about 5,6 112 lbs shoulder leangth lt brown hair with blonde hilites,nice tits with perky nipple,s,firm stomach,great legs,and an beutiful shaped tight ass,antway I was home and had a few drinks when she came by she noticed I was slightly hammered,and said someone having a good time told yea long day work.

Making Mom my Sex Slave,and intrducing her to gangbanging

Like I've said before moms my slut whore fuck toy sex slave,anyway, it was a friday late afternoon and we just finished fucking,I had wild thought of giving mom a gangbang with a friend or two maybe more,the idea racing thru my head so I picked up a few dvd,s with serious gangbangs in them and left by the machine and one in the machine,more asked new dvd,s said yea we,re going to watch in a minute want a drink she smile you know the answers yes made us both a drink and we sat on the couch.

Sleeping Problem Solved

Navy recruit Brandi Fields lay in her rack quietly while the other recruits slept. The only others awake were the two on watch. One was Recruit Hanks and Brandi didn't know the other girls name. At the moment she was upset that she couldn't sleep. You would think being in boot camp would make you fall straight asleep every night, but apparently not. She had been laying down for two hours now. Her labido had always been strangely high for a female and at times only sex seemed to make her sleep. Back home her boyfriend use to sneak in her window nightly and rock her body into a sweet release. But here she lay. Hot, bothered and no male in the same room.

Holidaying With A School Friend: Part 2

I took my shower earlier the next morning. I usually do not mind showering with Cora, but today was different, I did not want her to see the welts on my bottom. Unfortunately, Cora had also decided to take an early shower.