Hetero Sex Stories

Company Picnic

My name is Jessica, just to give you a little idea of who I am, I love sex, I love to flirt and tease but most of all love a good fucking. I guess I've always been a bit of a slut but last summer I really embraced the idea of just enjoying it as much as I could. I'm 5'5 116lbs sandy brown hair, my breasts are a perky 34b, I have a flat abs and keep my pussy neatly trimmed and every one says I have a great ass and I tan really nice. Last summer I had just turned 18 and my birthday was about the same time as my dad's company picnic at a local park. He employs about 75 people so it's usually a pretty good party with every one and their family's playing games and drinking.

Piss Sisters vs Delivery Boy

We played a game last Saturday night that I like to call "Piss Sisters vs. Delivery Boy." There was a bit of pre-season action, but I started keeping formal score when my doorbell rang. This is how the game started:When the doorbell rang I had three fingers up my twin sister Mandy's cunt and my tongue pressed hard against her clit. So you can guess how we'd been warming up. We were both wearing big floppy T-shirts and loose jogging shorts with plenty of access. I left Mandy's shorts rucked up and pulled to one side so that her pussy was lewdly displayed. She started to toy with her clit lazily as I got up.

Cindy learns to perform a blow job

Cindy and I were each other's first fucks. And for years, I was under the illusion that she had given me her first blow job. An illusion that had disappeared in one of those "Oh by the way" chit chats, initially lubricated by wine. The initial story was of one of those mid teen experiments, with few details even though I had suspected a much more interesting story. I was right. I remember when I started dating her, I had found a drawing of a male nude she had made and folded into a book. She was not an artist. The man was laying down, on his back, he didn't even have a head, but he did have a penis. The curve was right, and raised only slightly above the belly.

Wife on the way

On the way to work there was this particular house that I had always noticed. Firstly, because of the fact that although it was beautiful it looked a forlorn, lonely house. It was off the road, quite a bit away from nearby houses. Secondly, because the beautiful lady of the house kept staring at me whenever I went that way. The lovely lady also looked quite lonely. At that point I was looking for a place to stay, as a paying guest. But did not think of that house since I assumed that a single lady would not let out a portion for anybody. Then one of my colleagues mentioned to me that she had a husband and he did take in paying guests. So I decided to go and meet him.

A Very Hot Summer

It is the mother of bad hair days --a sweltering hot day, and the power is out. I was relying on the fans to keep me cool. Added to that my laptop is out of juice, so the second chapter of my new book will just have to wait; anyway I have writer's block. My book is about a cougar who spends her time seducing young men. Of course, it is not autobiographical, at least not yet. It's too hot to wear underwear so I drape a flimsy dress over me and make my way in the village to pick up some bread and cheese for supper, and yes, a nice bottle of dry white wine.

The Magic Girls 3 - Veronica's Secret

Cindy was having a very difficult time accepting who she was and where her life was going. Cindy sat on her bed in the late morning with her legs folded over. She just sat there and tried to grasp the last few months of her life. Her friend Hannah had paid her a quarter million dollars just to quit her job and stay at home, among other things. So for the past month, that's what Cindy had done; stayed at home. She had little to no contact with the outside world, and had not seen Hannah since her last amazing day of work. It was over these months that Hannah had even helped Cindy perfect her body to that of a super model or a porn star.

New Rec Room

My name is Dennis, my wife and I recently finished renovating our basement, turning it into a rec room complete with a bar and pool table. Its a great place to entertain friends.One weekend about a month ago, my wife went to visit family out of town and our daughter Claire said she was going to be staying at a friends house. So, I invited over a few buddies to watch some sports and have a few beers.After the game we were playing pool when my daughter came home . My daughter Claire is 18 5"9 curly brown hair slim athletic body, with very pert 36 D breasts, she gets noticed often. Claire asked if we minded if she stayed and played some pool too. My friends didn't seem to mind at all, so Claire.

Debbie Do II/ A Fist Full of Edits

When I arrived home that evening I had forgotten that Rene was going to be there. Rene was familiar with the hours my job had me keep so no questions were asked. However I had to be mindful that Debbie's saliva and my come may still be obvious on my dick so it was time to be proactive. Rene was the complete opposite of Debbie. Five foot nine, with a shapely large heart shaped ass, and small perfectly formed tits with nipples that became very long and erect with the slightest attention. She rose from her chair and said, "Long day huh. Let me fix you a drink." As she walked to the bar I saw my chance. Rene had showered and was wearing my light blue robe.

Threesome Vacation West

Upon graduating high school my girlfriend and I roomed and went to the same college together in the North East United States. We have a lot of friends but there was one friend in particular that was dear to us both. His name was Nick and he joined the military fresh out of high school. We kept in touch with Nick through Boot camp, his training, and when he got stationed in the Midwest. Now a little background on us and our relationship. We are all around the same age. Nick 19, Me 19, and Katy 18. We were all best friends and we always used to joke around about having a threesome. My girlfriend would play along until we decided to do it and then wouldn't want to go any further.

Dirty Diana

"I decided that night to never again hide her. I had release her and hope he would not judge me or run from me. I had to force him to accept this piece, this intricate part of me I buried deep inside and played the homely wife. Never again after tonight." - Dirty Dana"Help! Somebody help me!" Michael's breathing was deep and full of the unknown. His breathing was laced with fear. He struggled against the restraints that were secured around his wrist and ankles bounding him to what seemed to be a chair. The blind fold was tight around his eyes; he could only see the extremely dim lighting of what seemed to be the fireplace.